Day 1 Recipes and Ideas!

Welcome all of you to this amazing journey of detoxification!  It is DAY 1 and I have emailed our select group week 1 strategies.  I also enclosed a timeline with supplements and food ideas.  Please use this forum to ask questions, because if you have them, then someone else likely has the same question as well.  This forum is a great opportunity to connect and share our experience with each other.

Here are 10 recipes for super easy smoothies.  What I like to do is pick two recipes and just make that for a few days.  I keep my list short and do not have to think too much in the morning about what to make!  Then next time I am in the market, pick another two recipes and buy enough veggies and fruits to last a few days.  This way I get great variety of nutrition and flavor.  By having the recipes on hand, I can pre plan my shakes for the day and I wont be caught without my ingredients.

(1)          Easy Blue: Banana (fresh), blueberries (frozen), and kale leaves (fresh).

(2)          Morning Sunrise: Pineapple cubes (fresh), banana (fresh), strawberries (frozen), and spinach leaves (fresh).

(3)          No Time to Cook: Banana (fresh), spinach leaves (fresh), and fresh orange juice.

(4)          Wake Up: Apple slices (fresh), banana (fresh), peeled/seeded lemon segments, and spinach leaves (fresh).

(5)          Napa Style: Grapes (fresh), raspberries (frozen), blueberries (frozen), and kale leaves (fresh).

(6)          Summertime Smoothie: Peach slices (frozen), peeled/seeded lemon segments, strawberries (frozen), and parsley (fresh).

(7)          Crowd Pleaser: Banana (fresh), strawberries (frozen), blueberries (frozen), spinach leaves (fresh), and peeled/seeded orange segments (fresh).

(8)          California Green: Chopped carrot (fresh), avocado (fresh), peeled/seeded lemon segments, and some fresh grated ginger.

(9)          Spicy Fruit: Banana (fresh), pear slices (fresh), raspberries (frozen), and a handful of arugula leaves (fresh).

(10)      Aloha: Pineapple cubes (fresh), spinach leaves (fresh), banana slices (frozen), and coconut water.

For all of the above recipes, add desired amounts to blender along with 1-2 scoops of SP Complete for the Detox Smoothie! I personally like to add some water to the mixture because I prefer a thinner drink that is easy to drink and doesn’t clump.  Frozen fruits will make your mix a bit thicker, and you can eat it with a spoon like a porridge!  Mmmmm… You can also make every smoothie or juice even better by adding 1-2 tablespoons of flax oil or coconut oil for essential fatty acids.  It will keep you full longer and give your body some desperately needed fatty acids.  If eating fat by the tablespoon makes you nauseous or gives you indigestion, Congratulations!  You most likely have a sluggish gall bladder that is going to get a cleaning soon!  Say goodbye to fat associated nausea and hiccups and hello to efficient fat metabolism and cholesterol handling.





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