Detox Strategy #2

Detoxification Strategy #2- Whole Body Cleansing

Warm Bath with Clay or Epsom Blend



Bathing is an important part of the detoxification process that targets all the internal organs, the lymphatic system, and the circulatory system.  The detox bath is unique in that it stimulates the release of toxins from the circulatory and lymphatic system through the pores and sweat and eases the toxic load to the organs ina passive and relaxing way, instead of through exercise!  During a detoxification period, the organs are processing all the released toxins and packaging them for removal- this requires a lot of work!   By using a specialized detox bath, such as the products from magnetic clay bath, it is also possible to deepen the cleanse and encourage the elimination of heavy metals.  A detoxification bath is calming and can ease symptoms of detoxification such as headaches, sluggish bowels, stress and agitation, and to produce generalized feelings of calmness.

There are many ways to create a detox bath, but let’s focus on two types for our purposes.  During detoxification,  use a clay mineral bath or an Epsom blend bath.  The clay mineral bath is the strongest and ideal for people who have had exposure to heavy metals (all of us), radiation, chemotherapy, and a number of pharmaceutical drugs.  The clay mineral bath blend is purchased directly from  There are several blends that are appropriate for your cleanse- I recommend the “Clear Out Detox” bath to begin, however, you can choose one that is more specific if necessary..  Follow the direction on the box and website.

The Epsom salt blend is also detoxifying and you can make this one at home.  The Epsom salt bath is ideal for pain, inflammation, and it calms the nervous system.  Use one cup of the following: Epsom salts, sea salts, and baking soda and mix together in a large container with a lid.  Use 1-3 cups per bath, depending on how you are feeling.  The more fatigued you feel the stronger the bath should be.


  1. Use detoxification Strategy #1- Dry Brushing prior to Detox Baths.  It opens the pores and stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, making it easier to expel toxins.
  2. Run a warm, not hot, bath and use Epsom blend or the clay mineral bath.  For the clay mineral bath, follow all directions on the box.  Add product.
  3. Drink an electrolyte while you are soaking in the tub.  Examples of an electrolyte are warm/ cool herbal tea, coconut water, pedialyte, or warm water with honey and lemon.  Soak for 20 to 60 minutes.  Rinse and dry off.
  4. Wrap yourself in warm cozy clothes and go right to bed and sleep a minimum of 8 hours.  You will likely sleep very deeply!  If it is too early to go to bed, then rest or engage in non-strenuous activities.  Keep warm and covered up!


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