Product of the Month: Cataplex B

Perhaps the single most insidious nutritional deficiency in America is a Vitamin B Complex deficiency. this problem is serious because most Americans , particularly children and teens, have this vitamin B deficiency, and this deficiency causes a syndrome that mimics dozens of other mental and physical conditions. A deficiency of the B complex vitamins causes B Complex Deficiency Syndrome (BCDS),  also known as the great mimicker. Millions of people are treated with powerful drugs and surgery for conditions caused by BCDS because they are diagnosed as having other conditions.

BDCS also causes more problems than all nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. And symptoms run the gamut from emotional disorders (such as depression, confusion, illogical fears, adn even suicide) to heart disorders (such as heart failure, complete heart block, cardiac arrhythmias) and more. And with children, the emotional problems are more severe and can include depression, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, mental fatigue, manic depression, paranoias thinking, hostility, rage, vague and morbid fears, and worse.

BCDS also can cause severe nerve and muscle problems. In fact, the real vitamin B complex is also known as the anti paralysis vitamin complex,  thanks primarily to vitamin B4 -the unknown B vitamin. Vitamin B4 and the other B vitamins are essential to proper nerve function in the body. Without proper nerve function, muscles suffer. And this includes the heart muscle.

BCDS can also cause beriberi of the heart. This commonly considered ancient disease still lurks in Americans, disguised as heart disease. The near paralysis that can occur with BCDS or beriberi of the heart ends up being diagnosed as congestive heart failure, bundle branch block, irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, fibrillation, or any of a dozen other names. Instead of being treated for the root cause (BCDS), patients are instead treated with drugs to force the heart to beat stronger, faster, slower, etc. Without addressing BCDS, these treatments, which do not cure heart disease and simply buy time, are akin to whipping a dying horse.

Ironically beriberi is considered a thiamine (one of the B vitamins) deficiency disease. Yet we have found that no amount of thiamine (or any other synthetic, isolated, or fractioned B vitamin) will resolve the condition. This is primarily because of the missing vitamin B4 -which is not found in any B-vitamin supplement that you can buy in stores.

Rather vitamin B4 and all the other B vitamins come from raw, organic foods and extracts. And we have learned that when it comes to serious heart problems, emotional problems, and nerve and muscle problems, B vitamins only work in their complete and proper combination. Unfortunately, the foods and extracts richest in B vitamins are those that almost no one eats, especially in the amounts needed. They include a special yeast, wheat germ, adrenals, liver, beetroot juice, rice bran, carrots, and more. Since eating pounds of these foods is impossible, we instead turn to whole-food supplements, made from these sources, and processed without heat or chemicals to maintain their vital life force. The product of choice is Cataplex B by Standard Process.

Two sides of Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex actually has two sides, which produce two different effects in your body. The first consists of the alcohol-soluble B vitamins, which include B4. This group of B vitamins innervates and excites, turning on nerves and muscles. This is Cataplex B. It is for people with emotional problems, heart disease, and all the conditions discussed in this article.

The other side of the B complex is a group of B vitamins that are water-soluble. This group of B vitamins relaxes and calms the system. These B vitamins are for the person who is just wound up tight, nervous, unable to relax, tense, and with and heart conditions of vasoconstriction, including high blood pressure and angina. For these people, who still desperately need B vitamins we use another product called Cataplex G. Cataplex B and Cataplex G combined provide all the B vitamins.

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