Women’s hormonal health

The dance of testosterone and estrogen, the masculine and feminine.

Hormonal health for both men and women is becoming a huge area of concern as modern humans are exposed to unprecedented levels f chemical and biological pollutants, radioactive pollutants, and stress. The endocrine system is a sensitive feedback system of glands and hormones designed to monitor these stresses in our lives and help us adapt. The fight or flight response is an example of a hormone based solution that helps us adapt to our environment.

A woman’s menstrual cycle and libido are generally a good indication of hormonal health. There is a lot of speculation as to what is causing the offset of menstrual cycles, lowered fertility rates, and low libidos. Many scientists point to bis phenol A (BPA) or estrogen like chemicals in our foods as sources a likely culprits, however, short of living in a vacuum, we need solutions to help us adapt to the ever growing list of stressors on our bodies.

Chaste Tree Complex
Vitex angus-castus has been studied for its effects on women with PMS. Schellenberg (1) studied 170 women with PMS who were randomly given vitex tablets or placebo for three consecutive menstrual cycles. The treatment group experienced statistically significant improvements in irritability, mood alteration, anger, headache, breast fullness, and bloating compared to the control group. Vitex also has shown promise in treating hyperprolactinemia by enhancing the activity of dopamine.

Optimizing testoterone levels in men is the most powerful anti aging strategy. Low testosterone levels can manifest as fatigue, a decrease in sexual performance, a decrease in desire and libido, poor sleep, and loss of muscle mass. It is assumed that aging and the decline of testosterone go hand in hand -nothing could be farther from the truth! Declining testoterone  levels have everything to do with diabetes, smoking, obesity, depression, and lack of physical exercise. Obesity, usually seen with diabetes, affects hormonal health in men by regulating the hormone aromatase which converts to estrogen.

Zinc and Tribulus
Zinc acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor and is essential for natural testoterone production. Trace minerals B12, Immuplex, and Zinc Live rChelate are a few products that all contain food based and organic protein bound zinc. Tribulus terrestrial is a Bulgarian herb standardized to levels that increase testosterone production. It is warm and energizing in nature!

There is no substitute for eating right, exercising the body, and positively training the mind. These are strategies that can help us bring a greater level of success to our health goals!

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