Good Bacteria Becoming Extinct???

Today scientists are calling attention to the fact that we are causing certain healthy bacteria in our guts to go extinct, with each cumulative generation passing on fewer healthy microbes. H pylori is a perfect example. We now know that H pylori is an endangered species. And if we wipe it out altogether, we may someday wish we had thought twice. Our body depends on H pylori in these essential functions: 1) It regulates parts of our own metabolism, digestion, and immune function. 2) It helps make sure you do not fall prey to insufficient stomach acid -which makes you permanently sick. 3) It calms the immune system and is anti-inflammatory. Indeed those folks who still harbor plenty of H Pylori have much less asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disease. Its disappearance is disrupting all these different systems so critical to good health.

the daily onslaught of a mass-produced, highly processed, high-calorie, and artificially hygienic diet damages not only your flora,, but the critical lining of your intestines. This is the internal skin of your intestines that has a large surface are sufficient to cover a tennis court. When this internal membrane becomes damaged from Rx drugs, the American diet, and antibiotics, it becomes leaky and can no longer screen out large molecules that should not pass through it into your bloodstream.

Once leakage (leaky gut syndrome) occurs, bacteria, endotoxins (bacterial byproducts), proteins, and more can have direct access to your bloodstream. There they are foreign and cause your immune system to mount a strong response. This is what is known as inflammation. And when it goes on daily, it slowly becomes autoimmune disease. Over time it leads to lots of pain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other chronic diseases for which more Rx drugs are prescribed.

so what Can You Do?

1) Start on a probiotic. Since most probiotics are ineffective, use ProSymbiotic (2 daily by Standard Process because I know it contains the natural bacteria as well as the prebiotic materials that your gut needs. Take 2 daily for a year.

2)Avoid prescription drugs and antibiotics, except as treatment of absolute last resort.

3)Quit processed and fast foods and instead start eating a whole-foods diet with lots of fiber and resistant starch that can ferment in your colon. Eat lots of plants with various forms of fiber -like bananas, oats, beans, onions, beets, nuts, bran, and avocados. Eat whole fermented foods like sauerkraut, real yogurt, and kimchi. Eat raw milk cheese and healthy eggs. And quit all soda.

4)Be sure to use supplements that nurture, heal, and rebuild your gut and its flora. Use Okra Pepsin E3 (4-6 daily for 6-12 months) routinely to heal your gut and cleanse your gut linings. It is the supreme gut healer and contains okra, the digestive enzyme pepsin, and gut lining healer E3 from allantoin and other sources. Use the amazing product Zymex (2 per meal for a year). This healing product is grown on a velvety  culture of red beets, tillandsia and wheat germ, It helps you develop a neutral healthy acidity in your gut which healthy bacteria love and which is hostile to most dysbiosis-causing microbes. Zymex is also highly detoxifying in your gut.

5) Make sure you have adequate stomach acid in order to digest food properly and to avoid sending partially undigested food into your gut. If you are over 60 and have heartburn, reflux, or indigestion, you probably have insufficient stomach acid causing your problem. Masking your heartburn with antacids makes you permanently sick and worsens an already sick gut and flora.

By Dr. Bruce West, Founder of health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc. From Health Alert October 2013, Volume 30, Issue 10.

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