Our Children Need Better Nutrition

Out kids are screaming out for a better diet and the right supplements of raw, whole, natural, and real vitamin B. Others who are constantly fidgety, who run fevers, and who have “growing pains” -which are actually sub-clinical rickets – are crying out for a real calcium supplement made from vegetables (not rock). If you have a child or grand-child who needs help, you can provide them with what they need:

1- Cataplex B (6-9 daily) from Standard Process.

2- If kids are hyper, they also need Cataplex G (6 daily) which is the calming portion of the vitamin B that we call Vitamin G in addition to Cataplex B.

3- If kids are slow, lethargic, and depressed the doses would be Cataplex B (9 daily) and Cataplex G (3 daily).

4- If kids are hyper or ADHD the doses would be Cataplex B (6 daily) and Cataplex G (9 daily).

5- If kids have growing pains, fevers, muscle problems, and constant fidgeting and nervousness, they need calcium -real calcium. Give kids Calcium Lactate (3-12 daily) -the natural, low-dose calcium product made from vegetables.

The answer to the mental pain of our kids is not drugs. For this problem, we really need to get back to basics. As adult researchers, scientists, and healers we need to think beyond medical dogma, which too often simply educates us out of the brains we were born with. If you can’t find an expert” who will consider anything but drugs, who doesn’t understand anything about the biochemistry of the adolescent brain related to nutrition, who won’t help you get back to basics, you have to do it yourself. 

Just get started and allow 6 months. Your kids, your family, your community, and our nation will thank you.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder os Health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc. Health Alert, September 2013, Volume 30, Issue 9.

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