Organic Papaya Extract for Bowel Support

Caricol is a new product made from the pulp of certified organic, GMO free, tree ripened papaya!  Using a proprietary and patented method, the papain enzyme is naturally concentrated.  The name comes from combining the Latin name for papaya, Carica, and the “colon”, where it has its predominant effect.

The process for making Caricol was discovered by a Buddhist Master on Hawaii’s Big Island as a way to utilize and enhance the natural properties of papaya.  Founder and dharma master of the Lotus Buddhist Monastery, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim considers the digestive system to be the root of health.  As she studied the papaya fruit, she discovered and developed a special preparation method that naturally transforms fresh, mature papaya into a potent concentrate for digestive health!

In research studies, Caricol used over the time period of six and eleven weeks showed superior ability to promote bowel motility.  In a pilot study, five of seven subjects started out showing raised levels of alpha 1-antitrypsin in the stool, which can be evidence of bowel irritation.  After 4 weeks of subjects taking Carical twice a day, 80% had reduced alpha 1-antitrypsin  and 100%showed a decline in their complaints score, with 50% of subject having a drop of greater than 50% in their complaints.

Sri Lanka was chosen as the location to produce Caricol in order to support the ongoing rehabilitation and healing of the country after a 30 year ethnic conflict.  More than 80,000 organic trees are producing fruit as well as jobs for farmers and there is ongoing training in organic farming and water management.

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