Testosterone and Men…

As men age, the decrease of testosterone levels becomes a concern.

Young males generally have soft clear skin until puberty hits and acne starts to show up.  This is due to the increase in oil secretion driven by rising testosterone.  The large hormone change during puberty is responsible significant changes in skin quality.  If men can maintain healthy testosterone levels throughout their lives, their skin can maintain a young and supple look due to balances secretion of naturally occurring oils.  Testosterone also exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and can calm an allergic response.

One of the best things that men can do to normalize testosterone levels,  as they age, is to maintain an appropriate body weight.  When there is an increase in body fat, the enzyme aromatase is also increased.  Aromatase is responsible for the irreversible conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and for obese men, can have a significant impact on testosterone levels.  Muscle mass is a critical factor in maintaining testosterone levels, a man can have a “normal” weight, yet have lost muscle mass due to years of sedentary lifestyle.  Testosterone is necessary to maintain this muscle mass and it in turn revs up the metabolic thermostat to burn more calories.  Lifting weights is the best exercise for maintaining testosterone levels in men and promoting muscle mass.

Can supplements support healthy testosterone levels?

Zinc is a co factor in hundreds of metabolic reactions for both men and women, but especially testosterone synthesis.  Zinc acts as an aromatase inhibitor by decreasing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thus decreasing the amount of circulating estrogen in men.  How does a man know if he is out of balance with estrogen?  Men who are obese, or who are having a difficult time losing weight, depression, lack of drive or competition, and low sex drive are all symptoms of low testosterone and possible elevated estrogen.


Tribulus terrestris is an amazing herb which directly increases serum testosterone levels after only 10 days.   The MediHerb brand of Tribulus is sourced from Bulgaria, which has a superior biochemical signature compared to other Tribulus strains grown in Asia, and concentrated to contain 100mg of furostanol saponins.  Tribulus supports normal hormonal function in men, increases physical endurance, and promotes vitality and stamina.

Standard Process:  Zinc Liver Chelate  6/day

MediHerb:  Tribulus Complex                3/day


by Nathalie Trees, L.Ac., DMQ, CBT


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