Cholesterol Drug Update 2014

Profits from cholesterol lowering drugs are dropping and lots of people are getting smarter.  Many people cannot stand the side effects and several of these statin drugs are coming off patent, making them available for about 10 cents a day.  So what is the new pharmaceutical plan for millions of people?  Simple- get doctors to recommend that millions more need to take these cholesterol lowering drugs.

In an effort tot prevent heart attacks and strokes, doctors are calling on one third of the adult population to take statin drugs– whether you have heart problems or not!  These are the new guidelines from the AHA and the American College of Cardiology.  The doctors on these panels, many of whom also have financial ties to the makers of these drugs, say that despite the small increased risk muscle problems and accelerated diabetes, the benefits of the drugs outweigh the risks.

The only benefits that statin provide is beneficial.  See the next post for the truth about statins!

Adapted from:  Health Alert, Bruce West, DC, February 2014/ Volume 31, Issue 2

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