Creating a Healthy Gut Environment

Creating a healthy gut is easy, natural,  effective, and inexpensive. In the old days we used lactic acid in the form of fermented foods like borscht, sauerkraut, and even sour milk. the lactic acid in fermented foods acidifies the gut so that it will assimilate minerals. And it encourages healthy bacteria while stifling unhealthy bacteria that produce large quantities of gas. these gas producing, unhealthy bacteria can only survive in an alkaline gut.

Today you can encourage an acid and healthy environment in your gut by using mycelium yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which changes carbohydrates in food into lactic acid in your gut, encouraging a healthy flora. There are many types of yeasts, some healthy, some unhealthy. there is baker’s yeast that changes food (carbohydrates) to carbon dioxide to make bread rise. There is brewer’s yeast that turns food (carbohydrates) to alcohol. there is candida that is the largest cause of fungal infections. and there is mycelium yeast that changes carbohydrates in your foods to lactic acid. Standard Process uses mycelium yeast to make the product Lactic Acid yeast Wafers. /the lactic acid yeast in these wafers changes any carbohydrate in your gut into lactic acid -effectively acidifying your gut and encouraging a healthy flora.

For you it just means less gas, less cramping, less constipation or diarrhea, and a more peaceful, healthy gut. this product also serves as a prebiotic . It actually feeds healthy bacteria which in turn produce a more healthy flora, which in turn makes you a healthier person. Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers are chewed up at a dose of 6-9 daily. This product works synergistically with the probiotic, ProSynbiotic (1-3 daily). So keep your gut acid. Use real supplements that make changes at the root system of your problem. And eat whole foods with lots of roughage and fiber which are natural foods for the healthy bacteria in your gut. It all just makes so much sense. And so much more sense than taking an antacid, acid blocker, acid stopper, or anti-gas drug.

By Dr. Bruce West, Founder halt alert/Immune Systems, Inc. Health Alert May 2014, Volume 31, Issue 5

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