Heart Attacks Are Not Caused by Clogged Arteries

Did you know by the time you’ve been diagnosed with a blocked coronary artery, your body has already developed detour blood vessels (collateral circulation) around the blockage to keep the coronary artery filled with blood? Did you know if this were not sure, anyone with blocked coronary arteries (many are diagnosed as 90%, 95%, or even 100% blocked), would already be dead? Did you know coronary angiograms clearly showing the blockage in coronary arteries fails to show the collateral circulation  It is for these reasons and more that medical intervention= with angioplasty, stents and bypasses are Band-Aid procedures that can provide short term increased circulation to the heart, but do not treat the cause of the problem or prolong life.

The Coronary Artery Theory of Heart Attacks

One of my favorite authors is Thomas S. Cowan, MD. Dr. Cowan has served a vice-president of the Physicians Association of Anthroposophical Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He is the author of The Fourfold Path to Healing and coauthored The Nourishing traditions Book of Baby Care and Child Care. Dr. Cowan lectures extensively throughout the United States and Canada, and is an advisor to Health Alert.

Dr. Cowan feels that medicine’s 50 years of pursuing the coronary artery theory  of heart attacks has cost our nation dearly. Billions of dollars in unnecessary surgical costs and billions of dollars in prescription drugs and medications that do as much harm as good have been wasted. Even the damaging medical low-fat diet the helped ruin hormone health and started the explosion in high-carbohydrate fast foods and processed foods resulted from the coronary artery theory of disease. The low-fat diet was responsible for the almost universal fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies suffered by heart patients. It also helped to jump start the epidemic of diabetes and obesity in the U.S. today. Sadly some cardiologists are still prescribing it.

Dr. Cowan was one of the first to point out that coronary artery blockages rarely cause heart attacks, thanks to the body’s ability to naturally bypass a blockage with collateral circulation. You can clearly see this for yourself, thanks to to the works of Dr. Knut Sroka at his website www.heartattacknew.com. Take a look at his amazing video showing a blocked coronary artery on the site. This is a view or heart disease, blocked arteries, and heart attacks I guarantee you will never get to see in your doctor’s office.

What Really Causes Heart Attacks

Dr. Cowan was one of the first to point out that during a heart attack, your actual heart cells are not starving for oxygen as you have been taught to believe. In fact, sophisticated cell studies show that your heart cells have plenty of oxygen. heart attacks are not caused by the old kinked or blocked garden hose as you have been told. Rather, according to Dr. Cowan, your heart attack is cause primarily by an imbalance in your autonomic nervous system (ANS). This is the system over which you do not have control (like breathing, your heartbeat, and digestion). Your ANS operates independently upon adequate nutrition and hormones.

A typical out of balance ANS occurs in the classic A-type personality patient with high stress, constant racing about, workaholic, no relaxing, no time out, rapid-heartbeat person. These folks usually have no hobbies, do not take the time to exercise, and are constantly stimulated by coffee, sugar, nicotine, or something else. They also tend to eat poorly and suffer from classic nutritional deficiencies in fat-soluble and B-complex vitamins. The nutritional deficiencies eventually end up causing beri beri of the heart – a condition thought long ago wiped out in this country. The typical symptoms of a person with an out-of-balance ANS and beriberi of the heart include awakening at night short of breath, increased heart rate, shortness of breath on activity, and sometimes swelling of the legs.

When your ANS is out of balance in this manner, an abrupt increase in the Fight or flight  mechanism of your ANS (called your parasympathetic response) The end result is a flood of adrenaline that causes acidosis in your heart, and a cascade of events that, among other things, disallows calcium into your heart cells -causing a heart attack.

With a coinciding B-complex deficiency, your heart is already set up for disaster. The beriberi heart is weak, enlarged, and stretched, with leaking valves, an erratic beat, and no reserves to counter any abrupt increase in your fight or flight mechanism. the combination B-complex and fat soluble vitamin deficiency is a disaster. It leaves your safety system (the parasympathetic response) with no fuel to function properly. And it leaves your heart muscle no real cardiac strength to survive the stress attack.

Given all this, the best medicine has to offer to stop heart attacks is to take statins to block cholesterol, lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, and when disaster happens, open, stent, or bypass blocked coronary arteries. This can provide temporary relief, but in the end results in failure.

In a simpler world, the real answer to preventing heart attacks might  be to lower your stress by abandoning your pressure-cooker way of life. To nurture a simpler life with less technology, more contact with nature, loving relationships, trust, and security. It would be the practice of Deep Breathing to nurture your parasympathetic nervous system. It would be eating real food as in a healthy Mediterranean diet. It would be exercising moderately. It would surely not be taking statins, having some cardiac surgical procedure, then sitting and waiting with your fingers crossed.

Above all else, the way to prevent heart attacks -and the thing everyone can do- is to use nutrition to feed your heart and to build the necessary hormones to nurture your autonomic nervous system. The products Cardio-Plus, Cataplex B, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Calcium Lactate, Min-Tran, Cyruta-Plus,  and more are whole nutrition that is the antidote to beriberi of the heart and an out-of-balance ANS. It is also the high-grade fuel demanded by your coronary arteries, your heart muscle, and its blood vessels and nerves.

Time to Move From Band-Aids to Real healing

The coronary artery theory of heart attacks is five decades outdated. Statins for every heart is old medicine. Surgical procedures like stents, angioplasty, and bypasses are Band-Aid procedures. It is time to move into the new world of actually healing your heart. Think your heart can’t build new vessels automatically when your heart is provided with adequate nutrition? Take a look at Dr. Sroka’s video -the one you will never, ever see in your doctor’s office. Give your life a break. Eat real food. Exercise. And most important, sue the nutrition in this article and in your Encyclopedia of pragmatic and Holistic Medicine and/or your 45-Day Health Turnaround books.

By Dr. Bruce West, Founder Health Alert/Immune systems, Inc. 

February 20515/Volume 32, Issue 2


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