Are Calcium Supplements Dangerous?

the key is the right kind of calcium. You see, lots of calcium from supplements does not get used by your body because it is the wrong kind. And some of this calcium that does not get excreted via your urine or bowels ends up as calcium deposits similar to the white scales on a teapot. /with too much of this kind of calcium you can easily see how you might develop arteriosclerosis (plaque buildup and hardening of the arteries). Excess calcium that can’t be properly utilized can also show up in other soft tissues, like your eyes (cataracts), your i=kidneys (kidney stones), your joints (arthritis), female breasts (cystic breasts), and even in tumors. Indeed, there is now evidence that the standard dose of 1,000 mgs or more of standardized calcium supplements, with no care as to how your body will deal with the calcium, can be detrimental.

Why Calcium May be Unusable in Your Body?

1- For starters, most calcium supplements except for Calcium Lactate by Standard Process are calcium carbonate (crushed rocks or shells). Fully twelve biochemical steps are needed to be performed by your body before calcium carbonate is made into the usable form of calcium -calcium bicarbonate. Calcium Lactate by Standard Process is made from vegetables and only requires one biochemical step for its conversion to calcium bicarbonate.

2- Lots of people have inadequate acid in their stomach.  Lots more are on an alkalizing kick led by folks selling alkalizing agents as health food. If your body becomes too alkaline, you will get into calcium trouble fast. If you have a hot tub filled with tap water or well water, and you let the tub get too alkaline, calcium will precipitate (fall) out of the water and stick to the tile or anything else. and it is almost impossible to get off! Only acidifying the water will dissolve the calcium and bring the tub back into balance. If you’ve ever felt this in a hot tub, you get the picture. You do not want this type of calcium sticking to your arteries, joints, or anywhere else in your body.

3-Too many doctors forbid foods that are rich in vitamin D and K2 because they claim (falsely) that these foods, like butter and eggs, cause heart disease. These foods and more contain vitamins D. K2, and amoeba-3 fatty acids that are natural anti-plaque nutritional complexes because they hep your body metabolize calcium properly. So  if you take large doses of calcium carbonate supplements and you are on a strict vegan or low-fat diet, you can get in trouble. One way to solve this problem is to switch to a Mediterranean diet, and/or take Cod Liver Oil (4-6 capsules daily) with your calcium.

4- and finally, if you work or play for long hours in the sun, or if you are prone to muscle cramps even though you take calcium carbonate supplements, you need to switch to Calcium Lactate and take Cataplex F from Standard Process with it. cataplexy F is omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil combined with liver extract and a slight amount of iodine (you can’t use Cataplex F is you are allergic to iodine). This combination is known as the calcium middleman because it really helps your body redistribute calcium to your muscles. Three to six Cataplex F daily with your Calcium Lactate will resolve muscle cramps.

What to do

It is all pretty simple. Do not fall for the alkalizing-your-body nonsense. too alkaline spells disease. Do not take calcium carbonate supplements -use only Calcium Lactate. It is naturally low-dose because it is so highly utilized. It also naturally contains some magnesium citrate which lends a little acidity to the supplement. Do not avoid healthy fats -they are needed to help your body metabolize calcium. Be sure to use Cod Liver Oil or Cataplex F with your calcium.

If you follow these simple guidelines your body will not have calcium film cemented onto the walls of your arteries. Calcium will not precipitate into your soft tissues like a teapot, causing disease. And your body will have the best anti-colds and flu, anti-growing pains and rickets, anti-muscle cramps, anti-fever, anti-hyperactivity, and immune enhancing form of nutrition available . Now that is pragmatic supplementation.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder
Health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc.
May 2015/Volume 32, Issue 5