Crohn’s Disease, colitis and Emulsifiers

A startling study by Georgia State microbiologists and reported in the journal Nature shows that an extremely common food additive powerfully promotes inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. And worse, the same additive also powerfully promotes metabolic syndrome -which increases your odds for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. The food additive? Emulsifiers.  and they are everywhere. The most common uses are in ice cream, margarine, mayonnaise, creamy sauces, candy, packaged foods, processed foods, and baked goods including bread. And what do Crohn’s, colitis, and diabetes sufferers eat? These foods.

the Truth About Your Microbiome

How do emulsifiers harm your gut? By altering your micro biome -the flora in your gut made up of billions of microbes! This is such powerful information. It shows that the alternative docs were right all along. Crohn’s and colitis are not autoimmune diseases. Rather they are gut problems induced by poor diet and habits. The middlemen are the microbes that protect your gut but are harmed, killed, or altered by poor diet, and in this study by emulsifiers like polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose.

For decades the smartest of the smart docs have been telling patients to first heal your gut. That gut health is critical to all health. that the micro biome (flora) of the gut was critical to everything related to health. That the micro biome was made up of billions of bugs and microbes that need to be nurtured. That the micro biome and its bugs account for over 90% of our entire gene expression (the way our genes promote good or bad health), and that nine-tenths of our total gene expression is not human – it comes from the bugs in our gut and elsewhere. And that drugs, bad foods, antibiotics, and food additives should be avoided because they harm the micro biome, and thus cause disease. And for preaching this now proven information, these doctors were scorned, fined, raided, sued, and branded as quacks, charlatans, curmudgeons, and worse.

Heal Your Gut

If you have Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, or any other “autoimmune gut disease”, you will never get better until you nurture your micro biome and flora. And that is why quality probiotics and probiotics help so many people -they nurture your flora. And indeed as more and more studies like this one show up, it is now also known that you will never get better until: 1) you change your diet to one that doesn’t harm your flora and instead nurtures your flora. 2) You eliminate emulsifiers and most other processed and fast food chemicals. 3) You avoid antibiotics and most prescription drugs like the plague. and 4) You take the right supplement to once again heal and feed your gut.

the best probiotic is ProSymbiotic by Standard Process. It is healthy bacteria as well as food (probiotics) for these microbes that are being newly introduced into your gut. Probiotics cannot by digested, and so pass through to your colon where they are utilized by the friendly bacteria there. The best of these in inulin a non digestible fiber from chicory. Another prebiotic in the product ProSymbiotic is galactooligosaccharide (GOS) which stimulates the growth of the gut friendly bifidobacterium in your gut. For most folks one or two capsules daily for a year is a great way to start getting your gut back to health and rebuilding your gut flora.

Some folks will need more acid in their stomached will need to use the product Zypan , others with gallbladder problems will need the phytochemical betaine to help thin their bile and will need to take the product A-F Betafood. and still others with just gut problems will need to use the premiere gut healing product Okra Pepsin E3.

Okra Pepsin E# is a phytonutrient complex produced by Standard Process that contains okra, as well as the digestive enzyme pepsin, and a tissue healing agent used for people with ulcers and colitis called E3. E3 contains healing phytochemical, such as allantoin to actually start gut healing. And Okra Pepsin E3 works wonderfully with another gut miracle product by Standard Process called Zymex. This is a velvety culture grown on red beets, tillandsia, and wheat germ. Made into a powder, Zymex helps develop a natural, healthy acidity in your gut that is detoxifying, hostile to harmful bacteria, and healthy to friendly bacteria. Taking Okra pepsin E3 (2-3 per meal) and Zymex (2 per meal) for a year will powerfully aid your gut and its flora.

Everything the old timers said about the gut is now “discovered” to be true. Drugs will not heal any of these conditions. Actually drugs cause lots of these conditions. Only real, time honored natural methods will heal your gut. And only with a healthy gut can you regain your health. Emulsifiers cause Crohn’s and colitis … startling? New? amazing? Not really. the real healers -the only ones who ever knew what they were talking about when it comes to your gut – have known all this for decades. Now you do too.

By Dr. Bruce West, Founder health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc.
health Alert July 2015/Volume 32, Issue 7