Secret Treatment of the Month: Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu or stomach virus?

Food poisoning can be painful and debilitating. So can a stomach or intestinal virus. Unless you’ve pinpointed the offending food, it can be difficult to differentiate between them. One pretty sure way is to judge the time it takes for the cure to work.

Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) is a remarkable, special colloidal silver and herbal liquid that is amazingly effective in resolving both food poisoning and stomach or intestinal virus. It is also a vital part of an anti-urinary-tract-infection (cystitis) protocol. No family should ever be without at least a half dozen bottles of DUT.

Food Poisoning

With Food poisoning the problem involves bacteria in the gut. DUT is deadly for these bacteria. Instead of days or weeks of vomiting and diarrhea, DUT can generally clear it up overnight (after 4 doses of 2 ounces each). If you treat with 4 doses of DUT and the diarrhea stops, it is best to continue treatment for an extra day (4 more doses).

Bacterial (E-Coli) colonies of 100,000 at the start are diminished by almost 98% within 15 minutes of taking the first dose of DUT. After 40 minutes, there is almost a complete kill. And E-coli is no simple bacteria -people die from it!

Microbes in your gut multiply at remarkable rates. And remnants of bacteria can begin to multiply again after your treatment stops. Two days (eight doses of two ounces each) will insure a thorough harmful-bacteria kill ratio to return your gut back to balance after food poisoning. To insure balance, always follow any DUT treatment with at least 10 days of a probiotic. this replenishes healthy bacteria that may have been compromised by the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. the best probiotic is ProSymbiotic (2 daily) by Standard Process. It contains not only healthy bacteria, but the probiotic material (food) for these healthy bacteria.

Stomach or gut virus

If you think you have food poisoning, and if you treat with four doses, get great results, then quit treatment and the diarrhea returns, you are dealing with a stomach or gut virus. In these cases, treat with DUT until all symptoms have resolved (usually 2-4 days), then treat for an additional day or two, followed by 2-4 weeks of ProSymbiotic.

Some gut viruses like flu or noro virus can be tough. But unlike most ineffective treatments for these miserable conditions, even gut virus problems are no match for DUT. Two to four days get the job done in most instances, a week in the worst.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Cystitis

Always remember to include DUT in your cystitis protocol.

the anti-UTI protocol in this article contains the materials the cells of your urinary tract need to rebuild themselves to resist infection. the materials come from Arginex (6-9 daily), Albaplex (6-9 daily), Cataplex AC (6-9 daily), and the secret product, A-c Carbide (6-9 daily), all from Standard Process. In the most severe cases you will to add cod Liver Oil (4-6 daily).

Once you begin the protocol, urinary tract infections and cystitis will slowly get better, you will slowly be able to conquer one without antibiotics, your flare ups will become less severe, less frequent, and finally you will be rid of this scourge as the cells lining your bladder and urinary tract are strengthened. During this time, be sure to use DUT each time you get another bout of cystitis until your problem is resolved. And in the worst cases that have been the most antibiotic compromised, this could take 8-18 months -not really very long considering there is no medical cure for this problem, ever.

The bacteria count with a urinary tract infection is just about gone after using DUT for just 24 hours. The infection clears by the end of the third day. And DUT works even better with food poisoning, killing even the worst bacteria like E-coli in less than an hour.

DUT is a miracle -for food poisoning; gut infections and microbial attacks, including flu and virus; and urinary tract infections. No family should be without it. Using DUT will allow to finally break the antibiotic habit, which is threatening the entire world because of its unintended consequence of drug-resistant bacteria and microbes.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder Health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc.
Health Alert July 2015/Volume 32, Issue 7