Low Fat? Follow the money

there has been and still is lots of money to be made in the low-fat scam. All the artificial low-fat foods and drinks make up a massive market. the market for all the drugs and other fat and cholesterol lowering junk is in the tens of billions of dollars. Whole industries have been built around the low-fat scam. And these folks are not about to let go of their money. They have clout in government, they have clout in medicine, and they don’t care about your health.

The amazing thing about this whole low-fat scam is that it has been clearly researched and described in a massive scientific meta-analysis (study of all the studies) in the journal Open Heart 2015:2(1). The systematic review and meta-analysis of all the evidence supporting the low-fat guidelines -started in 1977 and re-emphasized in 1983- showed that it did not exist.  That is correct. all the evidence from all the studies showed that none of it supported the low-fat guidelines put forth by organized medicine, and later the US and UK Governments.

In simple terms this is what it means. The study subjects were divided into low-fat and low-cholesterol folks and the control folks eating normal to high fat. In the end, the studies proved the following:

1) Between the low-fat and control groups, there were no differences in deaths from all causes, and no differences in deaths from heart disease.

2) The cholesterol was lower in the low-fat group, but this provides no benefits whatsoever  against death from all causes or deaths caused by heart disease.

3) the studies also showed that the government did not test any of the low-fat guidelines before introducing them to the public.

the conclusion? Low-fat dietary recommendations were introduced for 220 million US and 56 million UK citizens in the absence of any supporting evidence from controlled trials!

By 1977 the recommendations given to all patients by their cardiologists was to reduce overall fat in the diet to 30% and to reduce saturated fat (meat, eggs, etc.) to 10% of total daily intake. This spearheaded the processed and industrialized food industry while beginning and contributing to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in both countries.

Amazingly the advisory committee scientists failed to use the gold standard in research called randomized controlled trials (RCT’s).  Why? Simple -because the RTC evidence available to the dietary committees at the time did not support the contention that reducing dietary fat intake would contribute to a reduction in heart disease or death! None, zero, zilch, nada of the real evidence  supported low-fat –but low-fat became the holy grail of the cardiology industry anyway.

If you follow the money, the RTC’s on low-fat had to be ignored in order to establish the low-fat scam. Damn the public. It is all about the money.

the Benefits of Eating Eggs

So forget this scam. Eat real, whole foods. And if you are going to start eating eggs, try to get great eggs from pastured hens -available from farmers’ markets. There is a difference.

1) Eggs are loaded with trace minerals like sulfur (critical for arthritics) and selenium.

2) Eggs contain B vitamins and lecithin -the natural antidotes to excess cholesterol.

3) Eggs contain wonderful protein with a better array of amino acids (basic building blocks of protein) than any other food.

4) Eggs are low in calories but still leave you feeling satiated.

5) Eggs contain real vitamin D, with all the essential isomers (different fractions) of the vitamin D complex.

So if your cardiologist still insists you eliminate cholesterol-rich foods, fire him or her. your heart needs the protein, fatty acids, and all the nutrition found in cholesterol-containg foods like eggs. If you are exhausted, if you continue to lose muscle mass, if your skin and other tissues are agin quickly, if your fingernails are a mess, if you are arthritic, if you are anemic, and/or if you are just aging quickly, begin to eat real food that contains protein and cholesterol. The egg is a nearly perfect food.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder Health Alert/Immune Systems, Inc.
Health Alert September 2015/Volume 32, Issue 9