Coffee, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

If you like your morning cup of two of coffee, and coffee causes no problems for you (like cystic or lumpy breasts, nervousness, etc.), then have it and enjoy it. Coffee beans contain nutritional complexes that are delivered in your morning cup of coffee. And these primarily antioxidant compounds (not isolated or synthetic antioxidant vitamins) help your body utilize insulin better as well as provide nutrition to the lining of your coronary arteries.

This can lead to less type 2 diabetes and less coronary artery and heart disease for coffee drinkers. This makes so much sense. When someone has inflamed artery linings they are at higher risk for plaque and calcium in their arteries. this will cause your body to react, and you can usually tell you are headed for trouble when your blood test shows an elevated C-reactive Protein (CRP) level.

My protocols for people with blood vessel and heart disease wit inflamed artery linings and elevated CRP levels is to add a bioflavonoid/antioxidant complex to their heart protocol. For these folks, I use Cyruta Plus by Standard Process. the success of this therapy can be monitored by follow up blood tests for CRP levels. And indeed these nutrients soothe the linings of your arteries, lowering your risk of all types of coronary and cardiac events like heart attacks. Like many beans, the same types of nutritional complexes can be found in coffee! And that will improve your coronary calcium levels and lower your blood vessel inflammation, all leading to better outcomes related to heart disease.

As an added bonus, the nutritional complexes in coffee seem to also improve your body’s response to insulin. That means less sugar in your blood and less odds of developing type 2 diabetes. All from a bean! To date, all the high-dose antioxidant vitamins on the market have failed to accomplish these feats.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder Health Alert/Immune systems, Inc.
December 2015/Volume 32, Issue 12