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Calcium: the Most Common Deficiency in America?

There is absolutely no doubt that most Americans are Calcium deficient -estimates are that three out of four people are deficient. But when you combine that number with the fact that most older Americans are also deficient in stomach acid needed to digest calcium… And that most Americans are also deficient in Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs) need to mobilize calcium to your heart and muscles… And that most Americans are also deficient in real vitamin D needed to get calcium into your bones… And that most Americans do not eat vegetables or drink raw whole milk, the primary dietary sources of calcium… And that most Americans take antacids on a regular basis, making calcium digestion even more difficult… And that most Americans who do supplement use a calcium supplement made from crushed rock which is very difficult for the body to utilize… You can understand why calcium is the most universal deficiency in America.

Why is Calcium Deficiency so Important?

What makes this so critical is that calcium is essential to just about every aspect of your good health.

1) It is needed to send nerve impulses -so your heart won’t beat smoothly without it.

2) It is needed to fuel your muscles – so your heart and other muscles will be weak and you will suffer with pain and cramps without it.

3) It is involved in every single aspect of your immune function -so you will be immune-deficient and chronically sick without it.

4) It is needed to maintain a healthy skeleton -so you will develop weak bones and osteoporosis without it.

5) It is necessary for growth -so your kids will not grow properly and will suffer joint aches and pains without it.

6) It is needed to regulate metabolism -so you can develop high blood pressure, digestive problems, hormonal problems, skin problems, allergies, fibromyalgia, and cancer without it.

7) It is a major controller over emotions -so you can suffer from insomnia, depression, and anxiety without it.

Skip the Medical Tests and Take the 21-Day Calcium Test Instead

You can get a blood test for calcium, but this is not very useful unless you are grossly deficient. Or you can get a vitamin D blood test, which is also mostly useless. Or you can get a series of other medical tests involved with calcium, but none are truly effective. Instead, I venture a strong guess, based in my 35-40 years of experience, that you do not have adequate calcium in your blood to be delivered properly to your heart, your muscles, your bones, your mind, your immune system, and more. And I will venture that this is making you sick -with diagnosable medical conditions, or just being run-down, weak, over tired, anxious, a=in pain, and more.

So skip all the expensive tests and for starters eat more vegetables, with one third raw. Next get a large bottle of the only real calcium supplement made from vegetables that I know of – Calcium Lactate from Standard Process. Next get a large bottle of the finest UFA (Omega 3) supplement that I know of – Cataplex F by Standard Process. It is raw omega 3 fatty acids combined with liver and a tiny amount of iodine. These two products have been top sellers, without advertising, for a combined 150 years! Cataplexy F was introduced in 1934 and Calcium Lactate was introduced in 1947. Next start your test by taking 6-8 Calcium Lactate and 4 Cataplex F tablets in the morning and in the evening. If you are a poor sleeper, take your evening dose at bedtime. If you are allergic to iodine (extremely rare), you cannot take the Cataplex F. Instead, use a scant tablespoon of Omegaflo Hi-Lignan Flax Oil morning and night.

Allow 21 days to judge the test’s effects. If you are like just about everyone else, you will feel better -stronger, more alive, with abetter and stronger heartbeat, less aches and pains, less cramps, and better digestion. And if this turns out to be you and you continue on with your therapy, in a few months you will feel more relaxed and enjoy less sickness with cold, flu, etc. In a few months more you will be hormonally more healthy, your allergies will diminish, your skin will improve, and you will be sleeping much better.

Now that’s a test that is really worth it -and it’s free. Even the therapy is ridiculously inexpensive. And do your kids and grandkids a favor by getting them started on the right foot. They can take the same protocol at 1/3 to 3/4 the dose -especially if they have growing pains. To mask joint pains due to growth spurts and a calcium deficiency with painkillers is ridiculous therapy at best.

In my opinion, based on almost four decades of experience, calcium is probably the most important nutritional deficiency, followed closely by vitamin B complex deficiency and unsaturated fatty acid (omega 3) deficiency. The three combined are the underlying cause of more than half of all the diseases that americans suffer from routinely. You know them. The leave you debilitated, weak, unstable, drug dependent, and chronically sick and in pain from chronic degenerative diseases that plague most seniors. You know these diseases -heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic indigestion, every type of emotional problem, skin problems, chronic immune weakness, and much, much more.

To treat the symptoms of these diseases with powerful drugs while ignoring the underlying cause is folly. Treat the underlying cause. It is never too late. Start with the 21-day calcium test. You will be glad you did.

Dr. Bruce West, Founder Health Alert/Immune systems, Inc.
December 2015/Volume 32, Issue 12