Sunday Morning Steak and Eggs



4-8 oz hangar steak, flank steak, or skirt steak (lean) or rib eye or new york strip (not lean)

2 eggs

horseradish and herb butter*

tomato and onion salad


  1. Let steak sit at room temperature for 15 minutes unwrapped and on a plate to shake the chill off and “breath”.
  2. Slice 1-2 tomatoes and place in serving bowl with their juices. Sprinkle a little salt and dried oregano on top.
  3. Slice ¼ of a red onion very thin and place in serving bowl with tomatoes. Let sit at room temperature.
  4. Add ½ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to the salad.
  5. In a small ramekin or bowl, mix 2 tbsp room temperature butter, 1 tbsp fresh parsley, and ½ tsp or to taste, fresh minced horseradish. Smash together with a fork thoroughly. Refrigerate.
  6. In a non-stick pan, heat butter or ghee on medium heat until melted. Add steaks. All the steak options are great rare or medium rare, however, a rib eye or NY strip will always taste like heaven on the rare side. If you regularly eat your red meat well done, I encourage you to explore a more rare option for better digestion.
  7. When steak is to your liking, transfer to plate and cover with a lid. It will continue to cook on the inside if left undisturbed.
  8. In the remaining fatty flavor in the pan, cook the 2 eggs how you like them.
  9. Transfer the cooked eggs to the plate with your steak.
  10. Top your steak with the herbed butter.
  11. Serve with tomato salad.