The Carb Cleanse Program

The Carb Cleanse Program

A true detoxification program!

What this is NOT– lemon water cayenne drinks, periods of hunger or starvation, 50 pills a day, kale everything, crazy blender creations or making weird meals that are undigestible.

What this IS–  a sensible and completely supported approach to finding your unique carbohydrate comfort zone while improving on your use of healthy fats and proteins to build and repair your body.   Nathalie Trees, L.Ac.  guides you through three weeks of food eliminations/ substitutions using live group coaching sessions and educational materials to dispel the many myths about nutrition and health.  My goal is your long term health and wellness.  Detoxification is a natural side effect of a metabolism that works!

Fatty tissue stores the majority of toxins, away from our vital organs and circulating blood.  These toxins accumulate over the years in the fatty tissues stored for survival.  As some of us get older, the fatty tissues get bigger and act as a reservoir for all sorts of toxins.  Yuck!  Conventional detox kits increase the liver’s processing of these stored toxins, but they still need to be sent to the liver first!  Fat used for metabolic energy liberates these toxins into the liver for detoxification.  Detoxification happens naturally when the metabolism is fixed and a person using fat.

This is a guided transition to a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle while eliminating the inflammatory and toxic foods along the way.  Clinical research supports the use of a LCHF way of eating to reverse Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, and so much more.  A LCHF lifestyle switch is one of the most impactful changes a person can make for their long term health.  The majority of the diseases are diseases of the appetite- we have forgotten how to eat and what to eat!


What people are saying about The Carb Cleanse…..

“The Carb Cleanse Program  was just what my body needed to transition into a sustained healthy lifestyle for improved health, stamina and mental clarity.  Nathalie’s biweekly education of nutrition gave me a much better understanding of the importance of living a  sustained LCHF life AND the community of fellow cleansers made it fun and interactive!  Thank you Nathalie for ALL you do—I truly love the new info/resources you have shared–it’s been a great jumpstart to a new way of living!”  -C.F., Monterey, CA

“After trying numerous ‘quick fixes,’ this program really helped me to find a sustainable lifestyle that is both easy to maintain, and provides great results.   I was never overwhelmed with food restrictions or crazy workout programs, and it’s helped me to keep up with the low carb/high fat lifestyle without any crashing or starting over. Nathalie provided so much insight into foods, workouts, supplements and lifestyle choices and was always available for additional questions if needed.   I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for a easy, guided change to a healthier life!”  -K.M., Las Vegas, NV

“After the end of the year,  I was ready to take on the challenge of trying to improve my health with better eating habits.   Nathalie’s Carb Cleanse Program was the best way to go.   It was a gentle step down from unhealthy habits to healthier ones, and since it was gradual,  the end goal did not seem overwhelming.  The Carb Cleanse Program was long enough to allow me to form new habits without it being burdensome.  Nathalie’s availability and support were great and of course her sense of humor helped me over more than one hump on the long road.   I am continuing to work with her as I move forward toward a healthier me.”  -K.L., Monterey, CA

“Since 2013, I have been on a high vegetable carbohydrate, low protein and low fat diet recommended by my doctor for my chronic digestive issues.  During this time, my energy did not improve and I was irritable, bloated, and had abdominal pain.  Over the years, I’ve done multiple rounds of antibiotics for acute diverticulitis and SIBO and none of that worked.  I continued to drink my smoothies using plant based protein powders, greens, etc. hoping to drive my energy up but I always felt drained, bloated and in pain.  I started working with Nathalie Trees, L.Ac. 2 months ago and started a low carb- high fat diet.   My digestion has finally improved- my abdominal pain is gone, I’m no longer bloated, my nails have hardened….. I feel strong again!  This is the diet that is working for me and I plan to continue using it.”  -S.D., Richmond, VA

“Upon starting the program, I was excited to try something new, but was nervous with the “limitations” involved in the program. On the contrary, these limitations were explained throughout the program as how and why they would be beneficial to my body and health. These involved satiating and hunger filling foods. Nathalie guided us bi-weekly through power points and discussions on what to expect with how we felt, what we should reflect upon (mentally and physically), and how to continue to move forward in a positive direction. Before this three week Carb Cleanse I loved my sweets and quick carbs. Now, I do not have the cravings for something sweet and quick. I treat myself to homemade chocolate mousse (without sugar) or whipped coconut milk and wild blueberries. The high fat foods and proteins in the Carb Cleanse truly satisfies any hunger cravings I had. My “hangry” spells have drastically diminished due to this shift of eating habits and long lasting foods. 

What struck me the most with this program is the amount of research and knowledge Nathalie shares to the group. It cohesively brings the direction of what we should be eating to how we should practice our eating habits into a lifestyle not just a diet. My body has become more toned and I am much less bloated due to the low carb diet. Surprisingly even my adult hormonal acne has begun to clear. This program shifts the way we think about fats, proteins, and the way we eat. I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels stuck with their eating habits and health. Thank you Nathalie!” – E.G., Monterey, CA

“After trying numerous ‘quick fixes,’ The Carb Cleanse Program really helped me to find a sustainable lifestyle that is both easy to maintain, and provides great results. The program went at a perfect pace for re-learning healthier eating habits and it’s helped me to keep up with the low carb/high fat lifestyle without any crashing or starting over. Nathalie provided so much insight into foods, workouts, supplements and lifestyle choices and was always available for additional questions if needed. The group meetings were a great way to stay motivated, and Nathalie did an amazing job making sure everyone’s questions were answered based on that individual’s needs. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for a easy, guided change to a healthier life!” – K.M., Las Vegas, NV


Who will benefit from The Carb Cleanse?

  • If you are one of those people who eats well, exercises 4-6 days a week and STILL struggles with weight loss
  • If you are simply tired of feeling heavy and sluggish and have over 15 pounds to lose
  • If past injuries or chronic pain limits your physical activity but you need to drop the weight
  • If you have Metabolic Syndrome (diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol) and a body fat percentage over 30%
  • If you have high blood pressure that is controlled or not controlled with medication ( you will want to discuss lowering meds with your MD during this program)
  • If you are pre-diabetic or Type II Diabetic AND are committed to reversing it naturally
  • If you have tried using macros, other diets, and just don’t seem to respond  to “balanced” diets or simply gain it all back
  • If you have unsteady blood sugar
  • If you feel light headed, fatigued, or prone to moody or angry outbursts if you don’t eat every 2-3 hours
  • If you have a sugar addiction or history of alcoholism
  • If you have menstrual periods that are painful, difficult, or irregular
  • If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, such as Hashimoto’s or SLE.
  • If you have chronic gas bloating or pain no matter what you eat
  • If you have digestive problems that don’t seem to improve no matter how many supplements you take or foods you eliminate
  • If you have IBS, Crohn’s, UC, and you simply don’t know what to eat as everything seems to make you bloated, “crampy” or gassy
  • If you are recovering from vegan-ism or vegetarian-ism, or other nutrient deficient diets
  • If you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • If you have PMS or PMDD
  • If you want to improve your fertility due to hormone problems or age related decreased ovarian reserve
  • If you have had gestational diabetes in the past and want to have a healthy and worry free pregnancy in the future


The next program starts March 14th, 2019 at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST, email to to be added


1.  Live and interactive (not prerecorded) group coaching sessions using Zoom app (free of charge)

  • Thursdays at 4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST  March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4
  • Sundays at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST  March 17, March 24, March 31, April 7
  • One Private 30 minute consult  (scheduled individually)

2.  A custom supplement protocol is optional for this program.  You can be successful with or without these supplements, they are supportive.  You may choose to purchase from my private dispensary or use your own favorite brands.   The recommendations are purchased separately and not included in the price of The Carb Cleanse Program.

3.  Questionnaires for the program



4.  Discount of 20% on all supplement orders from the  Trees Acupuncture Dispensary

5.  Daily email support with step by step actions, recipes, inspiration, and support.

6.  Nathalie Trees, L.Ac. is available for questions, concerns, and ongoing support.  Once you a part of the LCHF grogram, she will address your questions in email or through consult, when necessary.