The Superfood List You’ve Never Heard Of

A superfood is trendy term for a food that has dense and concentrated amounts of unique vitamins or minerals and has a unique positive effect on the human physiology. It’s that simple.


The word “superfood” gets thrown around regularly anyone “discovers” some new plant or exotic berry from some undiscovered corner of the world.   True superfoods are not unique to geography or culture and the emphasis is on the nutrient types in these foods. These nutrients were valued by the Inuit as well as the Danes and the Gaelic peoples, to name a few.


When I share this list with clients, I see a look of shock and they quickly ask, “Where is the Kale?”, “What about my special imported dried berries from the Amazon?”, What about the green powders?” …. ”What about all this FAT!”

Well, green powders are fantastic and I use one daily for the plant based MICRO nutrients and TRACE minerals. These compounds are delivered from the soil and concentrated into the plant in TINY amounts.  A true superfood must have nutrients in MACRO amounts AND nutrients that are difficult to find anywhere else.


The following foods are traditional foods that our ancestors across the planet have eaten in varying amounts depending on access. Regardless of the risk, animal foods were always among the most prized foods.


  1. Cod Liver Oil
  2. Organic Liver
  3. Raw Egg Yolks
  4. Bone Broth
  5. Fish Roe
  6. Fermented cruciferous Vegetables- Sauerkraut
  7. Wild Organic Blueberries
  8. Coconut Oil