The Superfood List You’ve Never Heard Of

A superfood is trendy term for a food that has dense and concentrated amounts of unique vitamins or minerals and has a unique positive effect on the human physiology. It’s that simple.   The word “superfood” gets thrown around regularly anyone “discovers” some new plant or exotic berry from some undiscovered corner of the world.   True superfoods are not unique to geography or culture and the emphasis is on the nutrient types in these foods. These nutrients were valued by the Inuit as … [Read more...]

The Burger Plate

¼ lb ground beef patty ½ large onion or 1 small onion butter or ghee 1 oz cheese (optional) ½ avocado Salad vegetables of choice: tomatos, cucumbers, red peppers, shredded carrots,etc) Salad greens   Cook burger patty in ghee or butter until desired doneness. If using cheese, turn Transfer to plate or heat proof container. In the same pan, sautee onions until golden and translucent. Add to burger patty   … [Read more...]

Coffee or Tea for Breakfast

1 egg yolk 1-2 tbsp butter 1-2 tbsp MCT oil 1 scoop Collagen Peptides Powder, vanilla or plain flavored Fresh brewed regular coffee, decaf coffee, 1/2 caff coffee, OR Teeccino brewed tea (my favorite in Vanilla Nut)  Place first three ingredients in a tall coffee mug. Add 2 tbsp of hot brewed beverage. Using an AeroLatte hand held mixer or other such electric hand mixer, blend the yolk-butter-coffee mixture until frothy and creamy. Add collagen powder and 2 tbsp more … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Steak and Eggs

    4-8 oz hangar steak, flank steak, or skirt steak (lean) or rib eye or new york strip (not lean) 2 eggs horseradish and herb butter* tomato and onion salad   Let steak sit at room temperature for 15 minutes unwrapped and on a plate to shake the chill off and “breath”. Slice 1-2 tomatoes and place in serving bowl with their juices. Sprinkle a little salt and dried oregano on top. Slice ¼ of a red onion very thin and place in serving bowl with … [Read more...]

Breaking-the-Fast Smoothie

1-2 servings of powdered protein choice 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk ½ c frozen organic strawberries or blueberries ½ banana 2 tbsp almond butter, sunflower, or coconut butter   Add ingredients to blender. Blend and enjoy! Tip: the ½ banana is unnecessary and for people who are still learning how to be fat adapted. If you are already 20:40:40, you can drop the banana. Preworkout Tip: add 4 oz black coffee and 1 tbsp MCT oil … [Read more...]

Omelette du Jour

Vegetables (tomatoes, spinach, chard, yellow green or red onions, red peppers) 2 Whole Eggs 2 Egg whites (save egg yolks) 3 tbsp butter or ghee hot sauce or salsa 1-2 cups fresh salad greens ¼- ½ avocado   In a bowl, separate whites from yolks and save the yolks for later. Add whole eggs. Mix with a fork or whisk until well blended. Add butter or ghee to small saucepan and heat on medium until melted and simmering. Add vegetables of choice and sautee … [Read more...]

Creamy and Delicious Scrambled Eggs

3 eggs ½ oz butter Toppings: salt, hard cheese, green onions, tomatoes, cottage cheese, etc   Crack whole eggs into bowl and mix with a fork vigorously to blend yolks and whites. Heat a small non-stick skillet over low- medium heat. Add butter and gently melt. When butter is mostly melted, add blended eggs to pan. Run a flexible silicon spatula around the edges of the pan to gently fold eggs. Run the spatula into the center of the pan to gently lift and fold eggs. … [Read more...]

How do I know if I am insulin resistant?

This is a very common question when I review blood work.  I will find symptoms of sugar handling problems, both in the blood and in the behavior, and I am quickly told that their doctor didn't think it was a problem.   Most physicians do not run a comprehensive blood panel to determine risk levels for the individual, let alone, discuss the details of your daily diet!  The Mayo Clinic recommends this as a sample day of food for a diagnosed person with Type II Diabetes … [Read more...]

The Carb Cleanse Program

The Carb Cleanse Program A true detoxification program! What this is NOT- lemon water cayenne drinks, periods of hunger or starvation, 50 pills a day, kale everything, crazy blender creations or making weird meals that are undigestible. What this IS-  a sensible and completely supported approach to finding your unique carbohydrate comfort zone while improving on your use of healthy fats and proteins to build and repair your body.   Nathalie Trees, L.Ac.  guides you through three weeks of … [Read more...]

“No Fail Fat Burning For Women” by Skye St. John and Michelle Burleson, a review.

I‘ve been experimenting with and enjoying a LCHF diet now for about 2 months. As a newbie, I am scouring the Amazon book section to find well-sourced and medical based information. Since I have decreased my carbohydrates, I just feel better every day and want to explore where my “carb comfort zone” is and hopefully shed a few more inches!   My most recent purchase is “No Fail Fat Burning For Women” by Skye St. John and Michelle Burleson. With a title like that, how could I not … [Read more...]