Day 1 Recipes and Ideas!

Welcome all of you to this amazing journey of detoxification!  It is DAY 1 and I have emailed our select group week 1 strategies.  I also enclosed a timeline with supplements and food ideas.  Please use this forum to ask questions, because if you have them, then someone else likely has the same question as well.  This forum is a great opportunity to connect and share our experience with each other. Here are 10 recipes for super easy smoothies.  What I like to do is pick two recipes and just … [Read more...]

21-day Purification Program starting February 15th!

Hi everyone - excited to announce that we've set a date for the next 21-day Purification Program - February 15, 2013. What does this mean? A 21-day Purification is to detoxify, revitalize, and heal the body (don't we all need a little healing after the hectic holidays??). Since the world didn't end in 2012, it's time to lose those extra 15 pounds! LOL! This will be a fully supported GROUP experience - we will have daily blog posts and open comments from group members to support each other and … [Read more...]