The Scourge of Antacids

The greatest medical abuse -bordering on malpractice- is the over-prescribing of antacids, from acid stoppers like Rolaids and Mylanta to acid blockers like Prevacid. /for most physicians it is just easier to tall patients to take antacids to cover up the symptoms of indigestion than to take the time to actually determine what the underlying cause of their indigestion really is. This amounts to tens of millions of patients who are being injured by their own physicians. What's Wrong with … [Read more...]

Creating a Healthy Gut Environment

Creating a healthy gut is easy, natural,  effective, and inexpensive. In the old days we used lactic acid in the form of fermented foods like borscht, sauerkraut, and even sour milk. the lactic acid in fermented foods acidifies the gut so that it will assimilate minerals. And it encourages healthy bacteria while stifling unhealthy bacteria that produce large quantities of gas. these gas producing, unhealthy bacteria can only survive in an alkaline gut. Today you can encourage an acid and … [Read more...]

Epigenetics: the key to healthy Genes

You may not hear about this anywhere else in your lifetime! And the reasons are simple. 10 the big money is in the gene theory of disease. 2) Lots of epigenetic damage is caused by our health environment. That means prescription drugs, vaccines, pesticides, poisons, toxins, nuclear recitation, and bad food are major epigenetic factors that cause damage.  Most of us can all remember the horror of thalidomide - a prescription drug whose toxic effect cause severe epigenetic damage and thousands of … [Read more...]

Epigenetics of Cervical Cancer

Epigenetics also means that gene doctors are not going to solve all your health problems with gene therapies and gene surgeries. If you are doing something that is causing your genes to express unnaturally, that must be resolved in order to overcome "genetic" disease. For many women, cervical cancer is considered a genetic disease. It is surmised that a "flawed gene" problem causes the blueprint that makes cervical cells go awry and become cancerous. So the future for any woman with the … [Read more...]

Epigenetics: The Giant Hole in the Gene Theory

"the gene theory of disease headlines are dramatic and puzzlingly high-tech. The public is becoming hoodwinked into believing that frail and flawed genes are programming us all for disease and destruction. And if you think that medicine today is high-tech or expensive, you ain't seen nothing yet! Despite the fact that most studies shoot the gene theory full of holes, you are continually being brainwashed into believing that new "gene scientists" are going to solve all your health problems. … [Read more...]

Gut Flora Even Affects Cancer

Thanks again to the micro biome research, we now know that patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) have a very different and less diverse micro biome (flora) than healthy patients. That means they have less different forms of bacteria, less healthy bacteria, and more unhealthy bacteria in their gut. And amazingly this seems to be related to cancer -in this case CRC. This latest research published in the December 6, 2013, Journal of the national Cancer Institute is nothing short of astounding. … [Read more...]

Colon and Rectal Cancer and your Gut Bacteria

The ideas and concepts put forth by alternative practitioners about the health of your gut and flora (the bacteria in your gut) and how it influences your health has been universally condemned by medicine for decades as some nutty idea. Well, thanks to a burgeoning amount of data on gut flora, we now know that the physicians condemning gut flora information had no idea what they were talking about. Those who promoted a healthy gut flora were right all along and way ahead of their time.  And the … [Read more...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The term "colitis" comprises several types of inflammatory intestinal disorders, as distinguished from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a "functional" disorder of motility in which inflammation is not apparent. The main types of colitis are ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's Disease (CD), which have different characteristic appearances and radiological and blood testing presentations. They are collectively referred to as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). While CD and UC have not generally been … [Read more...]

How To Be a Hunter Gatherer (almost!)

Perhaps no scientific topic has generated more controversy and confusion in recent times than the ideal diet.  The modern human is inundated with infinite choices of food and a multitude of “healthy” diets.  Many of these so–called healthy diets are simply by products of high technology, military defended shipping routes, and gasoline powered transportation and shipping.  What if you could only eat what was in your immediate surroundings?  I think we would all be very surprised, delighted, and … [Read more...]

SpringTime is here!

It's official!  March 21st marks the beginning of springtime!  Its my favorite season of the year as flowers begin to bloom, the temperatures warm up and the sun shines its life-force on us all.  Springtime encourages us to open all the windows and clean out the old to make way for the new. Our bodies are no different during springtime and the need to wear less clothing, be more active, and eat lighter and fresher is strong!  In Chinese Medicine, springtime is associated with the liver and gall … [Read more...]