Heart patients, depression and anxiety

There is no doubt that if you have heart problems in America today, you are very prone to depression and/or anxiety. Depression usually sets in when you realize your heart is not improving with medical care; heart drugs are slowly killing you; your bypass, angioplasty, or ablation (burning your heart) did not last; and you are just waiting for a heart attack to happen. This depression can alternate to anxiety as you worry more and more about the state of your heart, your health, and whether you … [Read more...]

What do I eat for lunch?

  Q:  How do I make the best lunch choices when I am always on the go? Few of us have the luxury of making the perfect lunch in the middle of the day or of eating at an organic restaurant every day.  So what to do for lunches that are nutritious, easy, affordable and portable? Lets start by identifying our nutrition goals for a lunch meal:  protein, fat, and a  minimal to moderate carb, depending on your activity level.  You also want to make sure there is a serving or more of fresh … [Read more...]

Why Most People Don’t Have Optimum Health

What are the Top 5 reasons we shortchange our health?  There are lots of posts about everything you should be doing.... But do you know why it can be so hard to succeed with your health goals?  Here are the TOP 5 reasons that people fall short at their long term health goals.  This is a short list to help you find the hidden reason(s) why you may be less than successful in pursuing your health goals. Your belief system, if you dare to examine it. Do you believe that no matter what you … [Read more...]

Type 2Diabetes: Lifestyle and Diet

By Judith A DeCava, LNC, CNC. Nutritional News and Views, July/August 2014, Volume 18, No 4 Lifestyle is the foremost and often only cause of T2D. Studies show that intensive lifestyle intervention is very effective in preventing T2D and improving the health of people with diabetes. Early diabetes can be overcome. Because T2D "is largely rooted in reversible social and lifestyle factors, a medical approach alone is unlikely to be the solution". Sadly, in "this respect, medicine might be winning … [Read more...]

Type 2 Diabetes: Medical Treatment

By Judith A DeCava, LNC, CNC. Nutrition News and Views, July/August 2014, Volume 18, No 4 MEDICAL TREATMENT. Gastric bypass surgery for the obese may lower blood sugar and eliminate the need for diabetes drugs. But nutrient deficiencies and other compilations can develop. There are many anti diabetes drugs. Some stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. Others work on the liver to decrease the amount of sugar released into the blood. Some are "insulin sensitizers" that attempt to make … [Read more...]

Type 2 Diabetes: Test and Causes

By Judith A DeCava, LNC, CNC, Nutrition news and Views, July/august 2014, Volume 18, No 4 Diabetes is a chronic disorder marked by increased blood sugar (glucose). Complications  often develop including heart disease (such as heart failure), vascular diseases (including hypertension, heart attack, stroke), poor circulation (causing problems such as foot ulcers), eye damage (retinopathy that can lead to blindness), kidney disease (progressing to kidney failure), bone fractures, arthritis, … [Read more...]

High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Urinary Tract Infections, and Indigestion

What do all these things have in common? they are most often caused by sluggish or toxic kidneys and liver.  If all was well with the world of medicine, the first order of treatment would be a simple detoxifying procedure of both organ systems. Unfortunately that is not the case. Gold Standard Medical Treatment of Symptoms If you have a sluggish liver and/or kidneys causing these problems, you will instead be treated to the gold-standard medical treatment of symptoms. This would … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Exaggerations, selective reporting, distorsions, and outright lying often make up news stories, advertising, and even medical journal articles to persuade you to do this or that. And medicine often leads the way. Just like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, disease awareness is now part of the American calendar. As of now, we have 175 officially designated "national health observances".  Often these are used as advertising for certain medical treatments, drugs, … [Read more...]

The Scourge of Antacids

The greatest medical abuse -bordering on malpractice- is the over-prescribing of antacids, from acid stoppers like Rolaids and Mylanta to acid blockers like Prevacid. /for most physicians it is just easier to tall patients to take antacids to cover up the symptoms of indigestion than to take the time to actually determine what the underlying cause of their indigestion really is. This amounts to tens of millions of patients who are being injured by their own physicians. What's Wrong … [Read more...]

Creating a Healthy Gut Environment

Creating a healthy gut is easy, natural,  effective, and inexpensive. In the old days we used lactic acid in the form of fermented foods like borscht, sauerkraut, and even sour milk. the lactic acid in fermented foods acidifies the gut so that it will assimilate minerals. And it encourages healthy bacteria while stifling unhealthy bacteria that produce large quantities of gas. these gas producing, unhealthy bacteria can only survive in an alkaline gut. Today you can encourage an acid and … [Read more...]