Secret Treatment of the Month

Calcium: the Most Common Deficiency in America? There is absolutely no doubt that most Americans are Calcium deficient -estimates are that three out of four people are deficient. But when you combine that number with the fact that most older Americans are also deficient in stomach acid needed to digest calcium... And that most Americans are also deficient in Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs) need to mobilize calcium to your heart and muscles... And that most Americans are also deficient … [Read more...]

Coffee, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

If you like your morning cup of two of coffee, and coffee causes no problems for you (like cystic or lumpy breasts, nervousness, etc.), then have it and enjoy it. Coffee beans contain nutritional complexes that are delivered in your morning cup of coffee. And these primarily antioxidant compounds (not isolated or synthetic antioxidant vitamins) help your body utilize insulin better as well as provide nutrition to the lining of your coronary arteries. This can lead to less type 2 diabetes and … [Read more...]

Saturated Fat OK

The more than 30 year scam against cholesterol and saturated fat in lean meat, eggs, whole-fat dairy, and more has provided billions of dollars for the drug companies while fueling the epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes. this has sickened and actually killed hundreds of thousands of people. Your doctor's warning to stop eating meat and eggs "because it will cause a heart attack" has become a medical mantra -even though it is 100% false. the August 11, 2015, online British Medical … [Read more...]

The Assault on Women’s Skeletons

You can now add SSRI antidepressants to the long list of drugs contributing to a nation-wide assault on women's bones and skeletons. And now medical researchers are shocked to discover that these also can cause bone loss and fractures. I say also because medicine routinely prescribes dozens of needless drugs that damage women's bones. Here are some of the drugs that can turn you into an invalid by weakening your skeleton and thus inducing osteoporosis and … [Read more...]

Synthetic vitamins can be dangerous

"Truly natural nutrients are in a class of their own. they are made from food or animal sources, and they contain ancillary nutritional substances and enzymes as found in nature." Health Alert, Vol 1, No. 1 (32 years ago!) I wrote that statement more than 32 years ago! In June 2015, we discovered how amazingly true the statement still is. Our discovery has made us much more wary about the danders of synthetic nutritional supplements. You see, one of our doctors had a bad heart. … [Read more...]

Skin Care

As you age, you must take care of your skin. the alternative is not good -hundreds if not thousands of skin lesions and problems that plague everyone. Fortunately, with a little information and with some of the most recent skin care products and developments, you can keep your skin healthy. And it all starts with he basics -diet, water, and nutrition. Healthy skin is a reflection of what you eat and how well your digestion and organs of elimination (kidneys/liver/bowels) function. So start … [Read more...]

Low Fat? Follow the money

there has been and still is lots of money to be made in the low-fat scam. All the artificial low-fat foods and drinks make up a massive market. the market for all the drugs and other fat and cholesterol lowering junk is in the tens of billions of dollars. Whole industries have been built around the low-fat scam. And these folks are not about to let go of their money. They have clout in government, they have clout in medicine, and they don't care about your health. The amazing thing about this … [Read more...]

The Roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Depression Treatment

In traditional Chinese medicine there is historical precedent for the treatment of so called "shen" (Heart-Mind) disorder, or disorder/dysregulation of the spirit, which is also considered sas distinct but not separate from the cognitive function of the brain. According to Dr. CQ Yang, PhD, LAc, in his self published book shen disturbance, which takes a thorough look at how TCM approaches mental-emotional imbalance, the Nei Jing-Yellow Emperor's Classic (100-2-- B Ev) is the first book to … [Read more...]

Product of the Month: OPC synergy by Standard Process

A Look at the Nutritive Role OPCs Play in Brain Health When French scientist Jack Masquelier discovered Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in 1947, he could not know that the future held for him a lifetime of research on this powerful ingredient. In 1950, OPCs officially entered the field of preventative health as vascular protectors, as they were regarded for decades, without a full understanding of the mechanisms of action or range of uses. It wasn't until 1981 that Professor Masquelier … [Read more...]

Secret Treatment of the Month: Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu or stomach virus?

Food poisoning can be painful and debilitating. So can a stomach or intestinal virus. Unless you've pinpointed the offending food, it can be difficult to differentiate between them. One pretty sure way is to judge the time it takes for the cure to work. Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) is a remarkable, special colloidal silver and herbal liquid that is amazingly effective in resolving both food poisoning and stomach or intestinal virus. It is also a vital part of … [Read more...]