I had never experienced acupuncture before meeting with Nathalie, but I HAD been to more doctors than I could even count on two hands. When I visited Nathalie, my symptoms were so crippling that I could not even leave my couch. After a virus, bacterial infection, antibiotics, and detox with another practitioner, I had developed POTS, chemical sensitivities, very high histamine, panic attacks, sensitivity to EMFS/light/sound, gut health issues, allergies, and many more symptoms. I was slowly losing my life.  I had to quit a well-paying job with great benefits. I started reacting inside stores and buildings, so I couldn’t even grocery shop or take my animals to the vet by myself.   I sat at home with electronics and WIFI off.   I honestly thought I might have to move into a tent in the woods to escape the world I was reacting to!

After just a few months of acupuncture and a gentle, supportive supplement routine, I began to see great improvement. First, I was reacting less often. My anxiety began to subside. I could make it inside stores for an item or two, then longer trips. My POTS symptoms, which were so debilitating that walking to my mailbox felt like a marathon, were starting to diminish. They went from happening every day to a few times a week, and now to a few days a month. I went from not being able to walk 100 yards to doing “chair yoga.” I then progressed to a half hour of yoga, and just the other day I completed one full hour. I am able to work very part-time outside of the house for now, but can manage a small business from home. My husband and I took an overnight trip last week and I didn’t have to worry about reacting to the hotel’s cleaning products or smells. I received many other benefits from my protocol: my low body temperature came up, my cycle regulated, my mood stabilized. I felt less fatigued.

Nathalie was very understanding about my reluctance to try a new supplement protocol, since I had seen so many other doctors and no one had helped. They had, in fact, hurt me. We took things very slowly, completed all the testing necessary, and stuck with food-based products.

The acupuncture helps with my anxiety. Even just once a month, acupuncture is quite a noticeably positive shift.  I would definitely recommend both the acupuncture and the functional medicine aspect of Nathalie’s practice.   She is also very empathetic and intuitive, giving me wonderful support and suggestions on how to handle tough situations in my personal life.  She truly cares about patients’ physical, emotional, and mental health.
– A.H., Monterey, CA

I have been suffering from neck pain for at least 3 years.  I’ve tried massage and chiropractic work but I was unable to get long term relief.  I was referred to Nathalie Trees, L.Ac. through a friend and upon my first appointment I had an 80% improvement and have had continued success.  She is AMAZING!!  That was my first success.  At just shy of 50 years old and experiencing my peri menopausal lack of sleep and night sweats, a simple remedy on Nathalie’s part has changed my sleep patterns immensely.  I am so happy to have Nathalie in my life.  Its as simple as I can finally sleep more than 4 hours a night and I am no longer waking up feeling damp, cranky, and exhausted in the morning.  I have referred many of my friends to Nathalie.

I am a true believer in acupuncture. I wish I had known about Nathalie sooner.  She’s patient, understanding and full of knowledge.  My experience with Nathalie has exceeded my expectations.

– M.C., Pebble Beach, CA


I arrived at Trees Acupuncture looking for immune support following a battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and a subsequent Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). Much to my surprise, beyond my request, Nathalie offered and I am receiving a complete health restoration experience. Not only is my immune system optimized but she has guided me down a path of mental, emotional and physical improvement. With the 3-prong approach presented to me, my body has responded based on the plan that Nathalie devised for me, all based on my condition when I first arrived at her office. I came in looking for just an immune boost as I was recovering from the BMT. What was offered was a program that affected all areas of my well-being. Six months later I am physically superior and emotionally settled. Her plan worked and the results are evident and amazing because I feel the positive difference every day. I should add, it included weening me off some psychotic drugs and replacing them with natural alternatives and no side effects.

As a Cancer survivor, you wait for your blood tests with baited breath, always looking for improvements, striving for normalcy. Nathalie, reviewed my blood work, set me up with a structured program of supplements that targeted improving some documented deficiencies. She also recommended some do-able dietary changes based on my genetics and provided me with acupuncture treatments to boost my immune system while treating some ailments that required support like my insomnia. I can say that when I started seeing Nathalie, I was taking 29 pills per day of various medications as part of my BMT and various other health conditions. Over the past 6 months, my health has improved dramatically, I no longer take the BMT related and other prescribed pills. Instead, Nathalie has me on a plan where I take natural supplement and herbs, my health and vitality have dramatically improved and best of all no side effects.

I have and will continue to recommend Nathalie Trees to people looking to improve the quality of their life and daily living. The services I was looking for were simply acupuncture treatments. What she offers goes beyond what I have ever received in using licensed acupuncturists for the past 15 years.

Given the chance, Nathalie has the training and experience to put anyone on the path to total wellness. My expectations were met then exceeded and I continue to improve my total wellness while following her guidance and recommendations.

– W. G., Monterey, CA

Before I saw Nathalie, I had been suffering for six + months of discomfort from a yeast infection and a two year old hip injury – both of which were draining my emotional and physical health and energy. Her comprehensive intake and consistent care both by acupuncture and herbal remedies brought me to increased comfort and eventual healing.  She is a very attentive practitioner and a thorough healer. I am still on the herbal remedies, they are facilitating my well being on many levels.

My skin is better than ever, my energy is renewed, and my infections are clearly on the mend. My entire body is benefitting. My weight is reducing for the first time in decades, and I fell dramatically more healthy overall. I have her, since my treatment been, felt like I was denying or limiting myself. Rather, I feel I am adopting a lifestyle I can continue for the rest of my life. I already have and will continue to (recommend Nathalie Trees). the combination of herbal and acupuncture is exactly the way I want to help my body, mind, and spirit. Nathalie is a great listener and a wealth of information. She knows when and how to share her knowledge. She is organized and very adept. She is gentle and realizes the limitations and benefits of her care, and I feel with her I am in good hands.

– M. M., Pacific Grove, CA


Acupuncture therapy has significantly reduced and even completely eradicated serious pain that I was in. I have serious chronic back injuries and just one session of acupuncture alleviates my pain ten-fold. It also allows me to relax and de-stress mentally.

In just one round of testing, Nathalie Trees was able to definitively diagnose serious stomach and immune health issues which had stumped specialists for three years! Additionally, she quickly devised a simple and effective plan to cure the source of my illness. I truly believe this is because she looked at my body holistically, taking into account symptoms from every aspect of my life in both a scientific and personal way.

I would 100% recommend anyone to go to Nathalie Trees Acupuncture. With one visit she transformed my health and life. she is not only an acupuncturist, but also, in my opinion, a therapist, because she actually listens to what’s going on with your body and your life in all respects and she fully understands that everything is connected. You get both the experience of a seasoned health professional and a warm personal experience when you visit. Nathalie is the most incredible healer I have ever been to and think it should be mandatory for people to go to her.

– M. C. Monterey, CA

I’m in my early 50s and having been through a stressful event in my life plus I’m raising 3 teenagers, my health was not optimal, most probable adrenal fatigue with a poor diet. Years prior helping my wife fight cancer and I saw the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I knew I needed to get a TCM exam to get my health benchmarked. In my search in the Monterey area I found Ms. Trees. Nathalie is knowledgeable, well organized and focused on getting to the root of the issues. She had a full makeup on me, and then prescribed a 3 week liver cleanse, muscle strengthening exercise and a change in diet. I was kind of daunted, no refined sugars or flour, and no dairy…what this is crazy!..what was this going to lead to, how could I fit this in my busy schedule? It was actually pretty easy, only in 3-4 days the sugar cravings disappeared, drank 2-3 smoothies a day, I got to eat meat..and in 3 weeks I had lost 10 pounds, the blood work got considerably better and I gained muscle. I could bench what I did in college now and no desire to return to junk food. No problem walking past a dish of candy bars.  I’m still continuing the exercise and diet, my kids are getting a kick out of helping keeping their father on track (while helping their own diet), and I expect in another month or so I should be in my ideal blood and weight ranges. Walking into Dr. Trees office made a life changing direction for me and my family. I sense things unseen and seen work together for good, this is one of them. Thanks.

– T.D. Seaside, California

I started working with Nathalie Trees a little over three months ago. When I first saw her, I shared how tired I had been feeling, how stressed I was from the daily routine, and just how difficult I felt it was to sometimes push on through the day because I felt I had little energy.

Nathalie suggested that we test both my adrenal glands and gut in order to see the full picture. Little did I know that I had been walking around with Giarrdia for who knows how long and that my adrenal glands were run down. I also had high glucose and cholesterol levels.  Thanks to the test results and Nathalie’s idea to test for both of these things, I would have maybe never known.

Since these findings, Nathalie was able to put me on a specific program to help not only get rid of the Giarrdia but also repair my gut and to help repair my adrenal glands.

I am presently in month three of my treatment plan and I must say I have definitely noticed a difference. I feel the effects and I am grateful that I was able to meet Nathalie to help me discover what was really happening inside my body. For years I had been seeing a doctor who just kept putting me on cholesterol lowering agents and antidepressants, etc., and feeling and seeing little or no changes. I was nice to finally have someone look at the whole picture and to have some answers and methods to treating the issues. I now am finally seeing and feeling results.

– B. G. Salinas, CA

Dear Nathalie,

Thank you so much for the healing sessions you have given me with BodyTalk, and especially the one where I was dealing with […] from a past life. I do believe there was a significant breakthrough with this, which has had a great impact on my life. Looking forward to seeing how things will continue to unfold from this session! Thanks again!!

– K. K., Carmel, CA

Nathalie Trees offers a comprehensive approach to her acupuncture treatments. With the compassion of  a sage healer, I find myself renewed and gently guided by her to embrace the healing of my body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful to have Nathalie included in my personal and professional health care circle.

– Teresa Jones, Massage practitioner, Pacific Grove, CA

Dear Nathalie,

Thanks for packing up all the supplements and sending them to us. There exists great healers in many traditions, and I count you as one of those. Love,

– Noreen, S. , Kelaia, Ha


thank you so much for all of your help and for teaching a great class. You are an inspiring teacher and practitioner! […] All the best,

-Jen M., San Jose, CA

Dear Nathalie,

[…] Our time together was a true blessing – God lead me to you for the purpose of forgiveness and I thank you for that. In that one session I came to a place of complete acceptance, of true loving forgiveness. […] God bless you!

-Arena I, Monterey, CA


Just a small “thank you” for your kind and generous help teaching […]. We are so grateful: you have helped shape her spirit in a positive way. I am so lucky to have your friendship!

– Dawn, Monterey, CA

Dear Nathalie,

I wanted to thank you profusely for taking care of me. You are an amazing healer and I feel so blessed to have you in my life! I value your friendship and love, and love you tons!

– Sheena, CA


There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for -and one of them is you! I know that I have told you this on more than one occasion, but I wanted to send you a note as well. Not only am I thankful for what you have done and continue to do for me, but thankful for who you are as a person and friend. Every minute I spend with you s most special and I truly think you are a gift from God.

Thank you. Love,

– M.A., Salinas, CA


Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and you have in such a short time period made my life so much better and happier, and I thank you! Thank you for healing me and solving problems for me that no one else could or would. You are amazing and I will miss you! Love,

– Kathy L. Monterey, CA

I have been seeing you now for a couple of years, and during that time  I have had several major surgeries, and now my life has undergone a 180 degrees turnaround thanks to you! I simply refer to you as “the Healer Woman” to my friends and family. I am so grateful to have been blessed  with you in my life as a healer Nathalie. Your knowledge and pursuit of growth in your craft is impressive and trusted. My goal is to see you for the rest of my life. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for my health. So blessed to know you, Nathalie Trees!

– D.L. Monterey, CA

I’ve been seeing Nathalie Trees for a year now and she continues to help me so much… my stomach problems are pretty much gone, and the support she’s given me on my journey to health, has been amazing.

My diet is also quite different now, as a result of Nathalie’s influence. I have learned so much about myself and my body… I’m so thankful that I met Nathalie.

– Lilly Z. Marina, CA

I signed up because I was curious- I had never done acupuncture before and I was curious. I came in with a little cold, sinus problems, and a sore throat. The sore throat was cured after one session, still battling the sinuses but have seen a big improvement. My left knee was bothering me but I have seen an 80% improvement. I have gained alot of knowledge and I would recommend this to alot of people. Nathalie Trees was tops!

-R.L. Palm Springs, CA

The acupuncture treatments proved to be a real surprise to me. The positive outcomes were immediate and lasting. It had never occurred to me that acupuncture could relieve the pain and discomfort I have experienced for many years in my knees. But, to my complete surprise, I experienced significant reduction of pain as well as ancrease in flexibility and mobility.

-A.Gonzales, New York, NY

Suffering severe reflux for many years and after listening to Nathalie Trees talk, (I) made my way to her to have my first ever acupuncture treatment. After the first session I had relief, thinkg that could not happen. I attended two further sessions with Nathalie. After three sessions, I am happy to say that I experience the freedom of reflux, allowing me enjoy the rest of my first cruise and my life. I have also recieved support from Nathalie with ongoing herbs for constipation…Nathalie thank you for my life back!! I will do follow up in Australia with your advise.

-Cheryl Neal, Sydney, Australia

Acupuncture! Was I skeptical?? Not really, there must be something to it- the chinese have practised it for over 2000 years. And yet, I wondered, questioning in my mind if it was safe, sanitary, and would actually make a difference. I have had ongoing knee and ankle problems for 15+ years. Very stiff sore knees and swollen ankles. The doctor diagnosed arthritis and provided a prescrition for an anti-inflammatory. It stopped the soreness and stiffness, but not the swelling. I soon discovered the anti-inflammatory was very hard on the kidney and liver, so (I) stopped taking the pills and started on glucosamine sulfate instead…I’m overweight which I know exacerbated the problem and within ten years started to experience sharp knifelike pains in my lower back. I tried chiropractic treatment, which didn’t help. Went back to my medical doctor and was told my back was inflammed and to take Tylenol for arthritis for my back, knees and ankles. Taking pills helped keep the pain at bay for few hours at a time. When I saw that the Lotus Spa was offered acupuncture treatments I thought I’d give it a try, as I’ve tried all the western treatments. What an amazing surprise I had. One treatment on my back took the pain from a sharp 10 to about a 3. A second treatment brought it down to a 1. The swelling in my knees and ankles was virually eliminated in two treatments and I cold walk without limping and shuffling. I wish I had started the treatments within the first two days of my cruise instead of the half way point. I would have enjoyed the first land tours without pain. Thank you, Nathalie.

-C.Scott, San Diego, CA

About four months ago, something very strange happened to me. I woke up one morning and found my glands in my throat was very swollen. I went to see many doctors and specialists (and was) tested for everything possible, even cancer. Nobody knew what was wrong… I felt very worried, depressed and didn’t know how I’m going to get rid of whatever I had. I came to see Nathalie Trees and after just one session I felt some relief…but it was still swollen. Three days after the treatment it was gone. It hasn’t come back since (written 1 month later). I feel so grateful and relieved, I never thought acupuncture would be the answer to my prayers. I will continue to use acupuncture for the rest of my life and will strongly recommend it to everybody! Thank you Nathalie!

– Jean-Mare G. Capetown, South Africa

Today was my third treatment and it was wonderful. Nathalie Trees is a very pleasant and wonderful lady. Her knowledge of her skill and most importantly, of the people she treats, is outstanding. The treatments have done wonders for my shoulders and lower back. I’ve been a professional bassist for over 25 years and the tension and pain from wearing a 15 lb bass around my neck can be pretty painful. Nathalie’s acupuncture has again done wonders for my back and shoulders, I will continue to use acupuncture and recommend that you give it a shot. IT WORKS.

– Tony M. Chicago, IL

One day I woke up with a congested htroat, pain in my joints and a fever. That morning I had two choices, take all those pharmaceutical medications to suppress the symptoms and just go on or take herbal supplements, rest and see Nathalie. Of course, for someone who tries to take good care of thier body, detox every year and live a healthy lifetsyle I chose the second option! My first treatment Nathalie concentrated on (treating) my fever. I had the treatment late in the afternoon, and went straight to bed afterwards. The next morning I woke up with no fever, but still some pain in my joints. So I went back for a second treatment, now more concentrating on (treating) the infalmmed joints, and of course straight to bed again. Three days later I was back o my feet, no fever, no pain, no sinus congestion, all without taking any over the counter or prescription medication. Just two treatments of acupuncture, lots of water, fruit, and extra vitamins did the work. Thank you Nathalie for showing me that it is possible to heal without all those chemicals. You saved me an extra detox after antibiotics.

– Reggie R. Czech Republic

My husband had a motor vehicle accident one and a half years ago and he now has brain damage, also damage to his right shoulder, all his left side of his body, alot of nerve damage where the pain is unbearable all the time. Without heavy pain medication he cannot get through the day. He is on medication such as oxycontin which is a heavy narcotic, 60 mg. Before we came on this cruise, we tried acupuncture at home and found after the treatment the pain level was 1 out of 10, with 10 being unbearable pain. If his pain level is a 3 out of 10, he is having a good day, mostly the pain stays around a 5 or 6. After acupuncture the pain relief is good for three weeks at a time. We had acupuncture onboard the Sapphire Princess with Nathalie and the result was amazing. Immediately after the session we walked away with a result of 1 out of 10. Two days later we went back for another session and now he walking around with no pain at all. We highly recommend any person with pain symptoms such as he is experiencing, or worse, to try this an they will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you very very much, Nathalie and we wish all other patients of yours the same pain relief as us. Kind regards.

– Laurie and Helen, Brisbane, Australia

I arrived on this cruise in extreme pain from sciatica in my left leg. I required a wheelchair and assistance to get around the ship. After three treatments from Nathalie I progressed to walking behind my chair and then to walking with the security of a cane. My pain has diminished by a factor of 5. Because of these treatments I can now look at my long flight back home without total dread. My next stop this morning is to the gym for some exercise.

-P.H. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I came on board with sciatic pain never dreaming that acupuncture would be a treatment I would try. I had never had acupuncture before and had definite needle fear. After visiting with another guest who was availing herself of Nathalie’s services and was receiving a great deal of pain relief, I decided to schedule a complimentary consultation. I was given all the information and education I felt I needed to proceed with this treatment. I did not experience much change after the first treatment. However, I felt good things were in store for me after the second and third treatments. My pain level was reduced and I plan to continue treatment upon my return home. My fear of needles disappeared completely and the excellent care I recieved from Nathalie made me know that the acupuncture decision I made was the correct one.

-Mindy M. San Diego, CA

I have experienced moderate to sever knee pain. After one treatment I had no stiffness in my knees. I did a spin class 24 hours after the treatment and still had no stiffness. I walked aroudn Christchurch for about 3-4 hours and awoke the next day with no pain or swelling. Prior to the treatment I was taking 2-3 Aleve tablets every morning ! I have not taken any Aleve for three days now and I haven’t experienced any negative results. In the past it was very noticeable if I missed one day of Aleve. I highly recommend Nathalie and her expertise.

-Glen B.

After sitting in on the acupuncture lecture, my Dad and I decided to consult with Nathalie Trees about some health issues. My Dad had sever knee pain for the last few years and cold only walk a very short distance- maybe 1/2 a block before he was in alot of pain. Nathalie felt she could help relieve some of his discomfort, so he had three treatments. My Dad’s trip was far more enjoyable becasue he could actually enjoy our excursions with very little discomfort. He did alot of walking in Christchurch, with no pain at all. I explained to Nathalie about my sinus headaches. There has been many days I have had to take several doses of medication and still no relief. This has been ongoing for many years- as many as four to five times per week. I saw Nathalie a total of four treatments..As of today, I have not had any headaches, not one! Her explanation during the lecture peaked our interest and we are both glad it did. Thank you Nathalie

-Cyndi M. and Donald H., Michigan

I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees. I have had arthroscopic surgery on the left knee. I have also had several sessions of physical therapy. I would be in less pain for a while after therapy, but still the pain and stiffness continued. I was skeptical about how acupuncture might help, but I had been thinking about it because nothing else, including alot of Aleve, was working. After one treatment only slight improvement. After two treatments, I noticed much improvement- less stiffness in the morning or after sitting for awhile, more range of motion when bending the knees and I could stand at the champagne waterfall party and be pain free. The third treament also helped my overall feeling. I plan to continue acupuncture at home as a maintenance tool. Thanks, Nathalie!

-Joyce B.

In 1996 after 12 years of fighting brain tumours our twenty two year old son passed away. Through all this, I developed a bad case of nerves, which has stayed with me in the form of open wounds on my body, coming an going for no apparant reason. Some have lasted for 2 or 3 years leaving 6 to 8 inch scars before moving on to some other area, all having a great amount of pain. Over the last 13 to 14 years and many tests there has been no medical explanation or treatment that has helped the pain or heal the wounds. Having developed a great fear of needles or any other medical treatment, I took a cruise to Alaska with my wife. Always in pain, I noticed they were offering acupuncture. I made an appointment with Nathalie for a 15 minute consultation . After feeling very comfortable with Nathalie we agreed to a treatment that visit. I had no problem with Nathalie or hte needles. The wound on my face had been open for 8-9 months with severe pain involved. Forty-eight hours after the first visit the pain was 95% gone, and the wound had closed 40-50%. I’ve now completed 3 visits with one remaining. This has helped make my visit to Alaska very worthwhile. Thank You Nathalie!!!!

-David, Ontario, Canada

Before Christmas my lower back pain extended to pins and needles running down my hips, thighs, and to my calves. It was difficult to stand for more than a few minutes before I experienced pain in my legs. After my first acupuncture treatment I felt very little improvement , so Nathalie changed her treatment to correspond with my specific complaints. Needless to say radical changes occurred within subsequent treatments. After my 5th treatment , for the first time since christmas (written in May) I was able to bend down and pick up some casino chips I dropped. To my surprise I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort or rigidity. Nathalie’s treatments have relieved me of all lower back pain, the rigidity and stiffness are gone and I have regained all my mobility.

-Anthony P. New York, NY

Thank you for giving the seminar on acupuncture. I was in pain in my right knee from a sprain. Upon one visit the pain reduced and I was able to continue with our walking tours with almost no pain in my knees. I dislike needles but felt nothing during the treatment. During my treatment, Miss Trees asked me if my nose was stuffed up, Nathalie inserted a couple of painless needles in my face and well, in a couple of breaths I was breathing normal, WOW. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who wishes to reduce their pain.

-Ron J. Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

On boarding the ship in Whittier I felt completely drained of all my energy and my stress levels were at an all time high. Looking around the spa, I noticed acupuncture was one of the treatments and having had it a few years ago for leg pain, I decided to try it again for relief from this horrible feeling of doom. I explained to Nathalie how I was feeling and I after one session I felt like a different woman- as if a terrible dark cloud had lifted and I slept soundly without a sleeping pill. Today was my third treatment and in seven days I have not needed a sleeping pill and have been able to enjoy my holiday. Thank you Nathalie, keep up the good work.

– June C.

On behalf of Charlotte and I, we both want you to know that we consider the experience and effects of the several treatments we received to be “lifechanging” in their impact. Charlotte has found her ability to move her legs and to be more able to control some of the negative impacts of the MS to be asbolutley amazing. While we know this is not a cure, it gives her the ability to be improve her life in ways that are not only physical, but most importantly, mental and spiritual in nature. She truly wants to take you home with us, somehow! But it is good to know that acupuncture, and others like you, are available to help her. Her experience has opened new avenues of hope for the future. She will write you more of this via email. I too, must thank you for helping me to be able to control by ability to function as a caregiver and as a loving husband to this beautiful lady who is my wife. I find myself more able to control and more objectively manage my stresses and to focus on the beauty of our relationship together. I look forward to also being able to manage my weight, and I am already on my way to making more sensible choices. I cannot thank you enough for what my pleasurable and rewarding experiences with acupuncture- and your positive and counseling methods as a caregiver yourself- have given me…The effects have been lasting, positive beyond initial belief, and life changing in nature. We are truly thankful to you. It has been our distinct pleasure to have met you…You show in all you do your enthusiasm, your expertise and knowledge, and your true caring for others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Frank and Charlotte S.

Acupuncturist had professionalism, expertise, knoweldge and enthusiasm.

-Paul M.

I came on board with back problems, on a number of drugs, and after two sessions I am walking off with no spasms and very little pain.

-Margaret D.

Following two falls in the last couple of years, I have had pain and swelling in both knees, and a loss of sensation in one. I booked a course of acupuncture treatments for pain control and weight loss. Each session led to an improvement in pain levels, reducation in swelling and tenderness. The numbness was also decreased. I also noticed a change in my appetite and craving for sweet foods.


Nathalie, May you always be blessed. You have given me, and so many others, the gift of your love and tender care. I am forever grateful.

J.G. Miami, FL

I started working with Nathalie Trees a little over three months ago.  When I first saw her, I shared how tired I had been feeling, how stressed I was from the daily routine, and just how difficult I felt it was to sometimes push on through the day because I felt I had little energy.

Nathalie suggested that we test both my adrenal glands and gut in order to see the full picture. Little did I know that I had been walking around with Giarrdia for who knows how long and that my adrenal glands were at a stage four, meaning run down, contributing to high glucose and cholesterol levels as well. Thanks to the test results and Nathalie’s idea to test for both of these things, I would have maybe never known.

Since these findings, Nathalie was able to put me on a specific regime to help not only get rid of the Giarrdia but also help repair my gut and to help repair my adrenal glands.

I am presently in month three of my treatment plan and I must say I have definitely noticed a difference.  I feel the effects and I am grateful that I was able to meet Nathalie to help me discover what was really happening inside my body.  For years, I had been seeing a doctor who just kept putting me on cholesterol lowering agents and antidepressants, etc. and feeling and seeing little or no changes. It was nice to finally have someone look at the whole picture and to have some answers and methods to treating the issues.  I now am finally seeing and feeling results.

-B.G., Salinas, CA

After three months of following the adrenal stress program, there is an increased awareness that the weak dizzy feelings I once had has diminished.  Also the tight achiness at the back of my neck returns only occasionally, when before it was constant and was painful tot turn my head.  

-J.P. Salinas, CA

“The LCHF 3 week program was just what my body needed to transition into a sustained healthy lifestyle for improved health, stamina and mental clarity.  Nathalie’s biweekly education of nutrition gave me a much better understanding of the importance of living a  sustained LCHF life AND the community of fellow cleansers made it fun and interactive!  Thank you Nathalie for ALL you do—I truly love the new info/resources you have shared–it’s been a great jumpstart to a new way of living!” 

-C.F., Monterey, CA

“After trying numerous ‘quick fixes,’ this program really helped me to find a sustainable lifestyle that is both easy to maintain, and provides great results.   I was never overwhelmed with food restrictions or crazy workout programs, and it’s helped me to keep up with the low carb/high fat lifestyle without any crashing or starting over. Nathalie provided so much insight into foods, workouts, supplements and lifestyle choices and was always available for additional questions if needed.   I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for a easy, guided change to a healthier life!” 

-K.M., Las Vegas, NV

“After the end of the year,  I was ready to take on the challenge of trying to improve my health with better eating habits.   Nathalie’s Carb Cleanse Program was the best way to go.   It was a gentle step down from unhealthy habits to healthier ones, and since it was gradual,  the end goal did not seem overwhelming.  The Carb Cleanse Program was long enough to allow me to form new habits without it being burdensome.  Nathalie’s availability and support were great and of course her sense of humor helped me over more than one hump on the long road.   I am continuing to work with her as I move forward toward a healthier me.” 

-K.L., Monterey, CA

“Since 2013, I have been on a high vegetable carbohydrate, low protein and low fat diet recommended by my doctor for my chronic digestive issues.  During this time, my energy did not improve and I was irritable, bloated, and had abdominal pain.  Over the years, I’ve done multiple rounds of antibiotics for acute diverticulitis and SIBO and none of that worked.  I continued to drink my smoothies using plant based protein powders, greens, etc. hoping to drive my energy up but I always felt drained, bloated and in pain.  I started working with Nathalie Trees, L.Ac. 2 months ago and started a low carb- high fat diet.   My digestion has finally improved- my abdominal pain is gone, I’m no longer bloated, my nails have hardened….. I feel strong again!  This is the diet that is working for me and I plan to continue using it.”

-S.D., Richmond, VA