Getting Started

During your initial consultation with Nathalie Trees, L.Ac., you will discuss your unique medical history, clarify your health goals, and how to get started with laboratory testing.  You will understand how important the three body systems are to longevity, find your hidden sources of stress, and how you can immediately change the damaging effects of stress on your body with lifestyle changes.

Once your lab work is completed, she will explain the meaning of the test results to you in a Wellness Consultation.  As a team, you will both create an individualized program which includes the following: diet changes, best activities and exercise choices, nutritional supplementation, and stress management recommendations.  Follow up Wellness Consultations are scheduled to monitor and support your progress and help you stay on purpose with your new habits.

Fee Schedule:

Initial Consultation:

60 minute             $135.00

Wellness Consultation:

60 minute             $125.00

30 minute             $75.00

Download Paperwork for New Patients