Nutritional Counseling

A well nourished body is the result of a healthy digestive system that is breaking down, absorbing, and transporting nutrients. If a person is living with chronic emotional, biochemical, or physical stress, the digestive system starts to break down. The mucous membranes become damaged under the hormonal effects of stress. Bacterial and fungal pathogens, parasites, and even allergies can develop as a result of the effects of stress on the gut. These pathogens can go undetected for years since they are not routinely tested for in a great percentage of the population.

By using a highly sensitive stool test, we can detect a number of hidden causes of digestive upset that might be interfering with your healing. When pathogens are present in the gut, our bodies are unable to break down and absorb essential nutrients. This is why so many people might have a decent diet, yet they still struggle with gas, bloating, and general digestive discomfort.

Another cause of digestive discomfort is our daily diet. Nathalie uses a specialized approach to diet that is customized and specific to those who are struggling with hormonal disorders. Rather than following the latest trends and fads, together we will discuss reasonable changes that everyone can easily make in their day to day lives to improve fat metabolism, weight loss, and hormonal function.