Zinc Critical to Mental and Emotional Health

You rarely hear about the trace mineral zinc and how it affects the brain. And indeed most healthy people receive adequate amounts of zinc in their diet, and they absorb a good portion of it. But still there are millions of people, including children, who do net adequate zinc from foods like meat, lamb, seeds, and nuts. And perhaps more important, millions of people are born with a genetic tendency for severe zinc depletion that can disrupt their brain chemistry and mental function. Indeed we … [Read more...]

Children and B Complex Deficiency Syndrome

The emotional problems associated with B-vitamin deficiency or B-Complex Deficinecy Syndrome (BCDS) can start out quite subtly.  Your kid or grandkid is just quiet, or sad, or perhaps the best word might be sullen.  Most people might not even notice, but you do.  “Experts” might consider him or her to be mildly depressed and a candidate for drug therapy if it “doesn’t pass”.  For those kids who do not get the right intervention, this is the beginning of mental and emotional problems that at best … [Read more...]