Testosterone and Men…

As men age, the decrease of testosterone levels becomes a concern. Young males generally have soft clear skin until puberty hits and acne starts to show up.  This is due to the increase in oil secretion driven by rising testosterone.  The large hormone change during puberty is responsible significant changes in skin quality.  If men can maintain healthy testosterone levels throughout their lives, their skin can maintain a young and supple look due to balances secretion of naturally occurring … [Read more...]

Women’s hormonal health

The dance of testosterone and estrogen, the masculine and feminine. Hormonal health for both men and women is becoming a huge area of concern as modern humans are exposed to unprecedented levels f chemical and biological pollutants, radioactive pollutants, and stress. The endocrine system is a sensitive feedback system of glands and hormones designed to monitor these stresses in our lives and help us adapt. The fight or flight response is an example of a hormone based solution that helps us … [Read more...]