PCOS – 2

While overweight or obese people often have high insulin levels and insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome, women with PCOS who are not obese can nevertheless have insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. So abnormalities in blood sugar metabolism may contribute to PCOS development. Diet quality and nutritional needs are no doubt involved. High insulin levels may suppress ovulation, cause drops in blood sugar, increase risk of weight gain, and affect sex-hormone ratios. There is evidence … [Read more...]

Infertility and Gluten Sensitivity

Thanks to the latest new "medical science" millions more women are now supposed to be candidates for cholesterol-lowering drugs . At the same time, the low-fat diet is still a medical mainstay. Low-fat, low-cholesterol, zero-cholesterol, and non-foods are still the medical rage. Eggs, meat, butter, coconut, and cod liver oil, whole milk, and other healthy fats are condemned as evil. And so-called "health foods" like soy, canola, and tons of wheat and gluten under the guise of "healthy whole … [Read more...]

Women’s hormonal health

The dance of testosterone and estrogen, the masculine and feminine. Hormonal health for both men and women is becoming a huge area of concern as modern humans are exposed to unprecedented levels f chemical and biological pollutants, radioactive pollutants, and stress. The endocrine system is a sensitive feedback system of glands and hormones designed to monitor these stresses in our lives and help us adapt. The fight or flight response is an example of a hormone based solution that helps us … [Read more...]