Infertility and Gluten Sensitivity

Thanks to the latest new "medical science" millions more women are now supposed to be candidates for cholesterol-lowering drugs . At the same time, the low-fat diet is still a medical mainstay. Low-fat, low-cholesterol, zero-cholesterol, and non-foods are still the medical rage. Eggs, meat, butter, coconut, and cod liver oil, whole milk, and other healthy fats are condemned as evil. And so-called "health foods" like soy, canola, and tons of wheat and gluten under the guise of "healthy whole … [Read more...]

Women’s hormonal health

The dance of testosterone and estrogen, the masculine and feminine. Hormonal health for both men and women is becoming a huge area of concern as modern humans are exposed to unprecedented levels f chemical and biological pollutants, radioactive pollutants, and stress. The endocrine system is a sensitive feedback system of glands and hormones designed to monitor these stresses in our lives and help us adapt. The fight or flight response is an example of a hormone based solution that helps us … [Read more...]