Zinc Critical to Mental and Emotional Health

You rarely hear about the trace mineral zinc and how it affects the brain. And indeed most healthy people receive adequate amounts of zinc in their diet, and they absorb a good portion of it. But still there are millions of people, including children, who do net adequate zinc from foods like meat, lamb, seeds, and nuts. And perhaps more important, millions of people are born with a genetic tendency for severe zinc depletion that can disrupt their brain chemistry and mental function. Indeed we … [Read more...]

Testosterone and Men…

As men age, the decrease of testosterone levels becomes a concern. Young males generally have soft clear skin until puberty hits and acne starts to show up.  This is due to the increase in oil secretion driven by rising testosterone.  The large hormone change during puberty is responsible significant changes in skin quality.  If men can maintain healthy testosterone levels throughout their lives, their skin can maintain a young and supple look due to balances secretion of naturally occurring … [Read more...]