Wellness Consultation

The wellness approach at Trees Acupuncture and Functional Medicine Clinic involves healing the three main body systems.  During your Wellness Consultation, Nathalie Trees, L.Ac. will determine the root cause(s) of your symptoms, trace your main health issues to one or more systems, and get you back on the road to health using:

  • Laboratory based assessments of the three main body systems
  • Blood analysis results
  • Custom nutritional supplement programs
  • Acupuncture and BodyTalk treatments
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling, including detoxification programs.

New patients will schedule a 60 minute Initial Consultation with Nathalie Trees, L.Ac., where you will discuss your unique medical history, clarify your health goals, and determine the best laboratory testing for your case.  You will understand how important the three body systems are to your long term health, find your hidden sources of stress, and how you can immediately change the damaging effects of stress on your body with specific lifestyle changes. Nathalie will recommend specific laboratory tests based on your personal health history.

Wellness Consultations are available in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  Trees Acupuncture and Functional Medicine Clinic offers a client-only online pharmacy for your ordering convenience and we ship anywhere in the US.

The collection of saliva, urine, and stool samples are performed in the privacy of your own home and sent directly to the laboratory for testing.  If you have blood work results, please bring those with you.  If you need additional blood work and you do not have a referring doctor, Nathalie will order blood work for you at a reasonable fee.

To get started with your health goals, download your paperwork here and either email before your appointment or bring your paperwork filled out and with you to your first appointment.

Initial Consultation:

60 minute             $135.00

Wellness Consultation (follow up):

60 minute             $135.00
30 minute             $75.00